Snoopy Takes Flight Thanks to Cool Quadcopter

Hayley Harding

Everyone's favorite flying ace is soaring once again, thanks to a promotion for Comic Con.

15 Fun Facts About ‘Scrubs’

Julie Kliegman

The Art of Schrodinger’s Cat

Miss Cellania

Non-physicists, including artists, look at Schrodinger's Cat without the quantum mechanics. In other words, in a way we can understand.

Face Danger (in Theory) at this Risk Theme Park

Sonia Weiser

A design for an unusual amusement park in South Korea would put the public in simulated harm's way.

An Orchestra Made Entirely From Vegetables

Hayley Harding

The First Vienna Vegetable Orchestra (called Das erste Wiener Gemüseorchester in their native German) is an Austrian group that makes the instruments they use out of fresh vegetables.

Photographer Creates Touristy Photos From "Mars"

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Wish you were here (on Mars)!

11 Comedic Films With Memorable Unscripted Moments

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The greatest comedic moments aren’t always scripted.

Meteorologists Are Studying Every Song About the Weather Ever

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A group of UK climate researchers spent their free time compiling data on how musicians talk about the weather.

Does This Skyscraper Design Remind You of Beyoncé?

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A new Melbourne skyscraper will be designed to resemble one of Beyoncé's music videos.

Man and Dog Graduate Together in Matching Robes

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When 34-year-old Jack Proctor graduated recently, he did so alongside his best friend

10 Time Capsule Rooms Left Untouched for Decades

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How many other treasure troves are sitting behind locked doors and bricked-up walls, just waiting to be discovered?

The Missing Links: Insane Military Training Exercises

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Neanderthals Didn't Eat Rabbits. Was That a Big Mistake?

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It was never wabbit season (or duck season) for the Neanderthals.

This App Lets You Use Tinder with Your Heart

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According to cliché, your heart doesn’t lie—and creative agency T3 is putting that saying to the test with their new app.

4 Fab Facts About Ringo Starr

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In honor of Ringo's big day (he's 75!), here are a few little-known tidbits about the legendary drummer.