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Here's how breakfast foods became breakfast foods in the first place.

This week, Major League Baseball released the schedule for the 2015 season. You may have noticed that it starts later and ends later than previous seasons, but each team still plays 162 games, just as they have for decades. But how did MLB arrive at such a seemingly arbitrary number?

For over a century, a controversy has been brewing over what might be called the Loch Ness Monster of dialect study: the elusive singular “y’all.” There are a few who claim to have seen it in the wild, and many who denounce such claims as nonsense. Does it exist?

Some bees don’t really do any work at all.

We often hear about the plights of the Third World, and most of us have our share of First World problems. But is there something in between—a Second World?

Last season CenturyLink Field was awarded the Guinness World Record for the loudest open-air stadium in the world. Why, exactly?

YouTube has become the depository for every lyric video, parody, and, apparently, copious amounts of shocking footage from dash-mounted cameras in Russia. But why? Dash cams aren’t completely foreign concepts to American drivers, but not everyone has one strapped on their vehicle’s dashboard. It’s mostly a device for police officers and highway patrol. Do Russian drivers just like to capture horrific highway collisions for Internet fame or is there something bigger going on?

When you cut your skin, your body knows exactly what to do in order to heal the pesky wound as fast as possible. Eventually, a brownish rust colored scab forms over the cut. But what is a scab made of, and why do they just fall off?

BekensDwarf asks: "How do they make decaf coffee when the caffeine is in the bean?"

There's usually just a "sell by" date, which isn't all that helpful.