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“The implications [of this question] are… profound,” says entomologist Michael Raupp. “Reckless flying, passing out in frosty beer mugs, hitting on crane flies instead of mosquito babes. Frightening!” Still, no major studies have been conducted to determine if mosquitoes get hammered—or even woozy—after ingesting human blood with a higher-than-normal alcohol concentration.

The chemical symbol for oxygen is O. Makes sense. Calcium gets repped by a Ca. Sounds good. Hydrogen? H. Cobalt? Co. Lithium? Li. With you so far. Lead? Pb. Stop the presses!

You sit too long with your legs crossed or lie with your arm under your head, and when you go to move the limb, it's tingling with a "pins and needles" sensation. But why?

Mandatory Fun is the first comedy album to hit number one since 1963.

You’re taking a summer stroll along a nice trail when you come across a body of water. “That’s a beautiful lake,” you think to yourself. Or ... wait. Is that a beautiful pond? What's the difference between the two, anyway?

Like a galactic purge, all the matter and light sucked in by the black hole is now spewed outward.

Garlic is tasty, but its flavor comes at the cost of alienating your dinner partners with a distinct odor on your breath—and even your skin—when the meal is done. How do these innocent-looking little bulbs cause so much trouble?

The two prefixes are not equivalent.