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Latitude News

Are you curious about how the rest of the world affects your everyday life? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Latitude News

Latitude News redefines international news by listening first to what’s happening on the ground here in the U.S. Curious about how the world affects you?

Oliver Noble

Oliver Noble writes, edits and occasionally directs things. You can check
out his website,, but the only thing you'll find there is a

Patricia T. O'Conner

Patricia T. O'Conner is the author of Woe Is I: The Grammarphobe's Guide to Better English in Plain English.

Rudie Obias

Rudie Obias is a freelance writer interested in cinema, pop culture, and science fiction.


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Rebecca OConnell

Rebecca O'Connell is an assistant editor for


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Tournament of Genius

This spring, we'll be having a little March Madness of our own here at

Molly Oldfield

Molly Oldfield studied at Oxford before becoming a writer and researcher on the BBC television show QI.

Randy Olson

Randy Olson is a Computer Science graduate research assistant at Michigan State University s

Romy Oltuski

Romy Oltuski is a mental_floss contributor who has also written for Flavorwire, The Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, REDBOOK, and Lifestyles, among others.

Sean ONeill

Sean O’Neill is an illustrator and cartoonist living in Chicago.

Therese Oneill

Therese Oneill is a freelancer whose work has been featured in The Salem Monthly, The Atlantic, and American Library Journal


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Rebecca Onion

Rebecca Onion is a writer and academic living in Philadelphia.

Oné R Pagán

Oné R. Pagán is a husband and a father of three. He is also a university professor, scientist and a writer.

Rebecca Pahle

Rebecca Pahle is a New York City-based entertainment journalist and part-time Sith Lord.

Nicole Pajer

Nicole Pajer is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer.

Erica Palan

Erica Palan is a writer, editor, and social media manager living in Philadelphia.


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Alex Palmer

Alex Palmer is a freelance writer and the author of

Joe Pappalardo

Joe Pappalardo is a science journalist and author of the non-fiction book

Will Pearson


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Curt Peinhardt

Curt is a Graduate Assistant for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the University of Alabama's MBA Program, a small business owner, and the devoted fiancee to a beautiful attorney in Birmingh

Mark Peters

Mark Peters writes about euphemisms for Visual Thesau

Jo Piazza

Jo Piazza is the author of Celebrity Inc.: How Famous People Make Money (

Jen Pinkowski

Jen Pinkowski is senior science editor of

Garin Pirnia

Garin, a made-up name that according to her mom means "high priestess of the written word," is a freelance arts and culture writer.

Rob Placek

A fresh graduate of Creighton University in Omaha, Rob Placek is a farm boy, travel junkie, and trivia fanatic.

Jason Plautz

Jason Plautz started as an intern for in 2007 and now does quizzes and posts about politics, sports, movies, and anything else that crosses his radar.


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