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John Wenz

John is a freelance writer living in Philadelphia. His works have appeared in Popular Mechanics, The Awl and many other publications. He really likes brussels sprouts and cats.

Anne Wheeler

Anne Wheeler is a freelance writer living in New Orleans, Louisiana.

AK Whitney

A.K. Whitney is a journalist with 20 years of experience in print and online.

Julie Winterbottom

Julie Winterbottom is the former editor in chief of Nickelodeon magazine, where she fulfilled her childhood dream of getting paid to write

Clay Wirestone

Clay Wirestone is arts editor of the Concord Monitor, as well as a writer, designer, and cartoonist.

Erika Wolf

Erika Wolf is a writer, reporter and hopeless pop-culture junkie.

Jennifer M Wood

Jennifer M.


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Fiona Young-Brown

As a Brit living in Kentucky, writer and author Fiona Young-Brown has a love of quirky historical trivia.