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Amy Preneta

Before having triplets in 2003, Amy went to graduate school, had a career, read voraciously, and traveled through three continents, but she doesn't remember any of it.

Sarah Prial

Sarah Prial fled her degree in Media Studies and Digital Culture to become a writer.

Kristy Puchko

Kristy is a New York-based entertainment journalist whose work has appeared on Vanity Fair, Time Out New York, Vulture, Pajib

Jordan Rabinowitz

By day, Jordan Rabinowitz is the managing editor of college sports website/player database

Suzanne Raga

Suzanne loves writing about music, history, Latin, and publishing.

Leigh Raper

Leigh Raper is a freelance writer who believes that television is magic and is always on the lookout for a delicious cheeseburger.

Laurence Rasti

Laurence Rasti's photographs question the notion of identity and codes of beauty.

Adam Raymond

A writer, blogger and avid TV watcher, Adam K. Raymond lives in Brooklyn with his wife Josie. He is an editor at Hemispheres and has written for Radar, and GOOD.

Gillian Reagan

Editor at Capital New York. Former New York Observer reporter. Business Insider editor. Books, bits, beets, beats.

Bryan Reesman

Bryan Reesman loves music, movies, theater, comic books, books ... he can never keep up with everything, but he has fun trying.

Lucas Reilly

Lucas is the Associate Editor at mental_floss. A recent graduate of Lafayette College, he grew up in rural northeastern Pennsylvania, where he played a lot of piano and toiled as a chocolatier.


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Joni Rendon

Joni Rendon and Shannon McKenna Schmidt are the authors of 

Alisa Richter

Alisa works in New York as the Director of Communications for 

Ransom Riggs

Filmmaker, photo hound, author of Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. Ransom was a daily contributor to for many, many years.


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Caisey Robertson

Student at Texas Christian University studying writing. Tea drinker, synesthete, and corgi lover.

Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

Islington, London


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Dave Roos

Dave Roos splits his time between freelance writing and organic vegetable farming, neither of which pay very well but make excellent use of his Religion major.

Jake Rossen

Jake Rossen is a writer, editor, and curator of fine comic strip art.

Greg Sabin

Depending on the time of day, Greg Sabin is either a financial planner, freelance writer, banjo player, or improvisational comedian.

Maggie Ryan Sandford

Maggie Ryan Sandford is a science journalist, writer, and broadcast media producer.

Mandy Savoie

Since her dream of appearing on “Rock & Roll Jeopardy” didn’t pan out, Mandy works as a freelance writer.

Jenna Scherer

Jenna Scherer is a writer, editor and rouser of rabble whose work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Condé Nast Traveler,

Mike Schlossberg

Mike Schlossberg is a Pennsylvania State Representative who also works as a