Bill DeMain

Writes about: music
As a songwriter, Bill’s songs have been covered by such artists as Marshall Crenshaw, Jill Sobule, and David Mead, and featured in TV shows such as Private Practice and The L Word. His songs have also been used in commercials for Samsung, Sky Mobile, and Laniege Cosmetics. He’s one half of the acclaimed pop duo Swan Dive and a member of the kids band Davey Ukulele & The Gag Time Gang. But music doesn’t always pay the bills, so DeMain also writes articles for magazines (MOJO, Classic Rock, Performing Songwriter) and books (The Sterling Huck Letters) and leads his own walking tour of downtown Nashville. In the past two years, Bill has survived a flood and a fire. He lives in a condo in Nashville with an assortment of vintage guitars and way too many records.
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