In the Beginning

The Origin of Traffic Lights
3 Foods With a Religious Connection
A Brief History of Staples
A Brief History of Braces
The Tone-Deaf Man Who Invented Karaoke
The Origin of SPAM (The Food) & Spam (The Email)
Clothing Time: The Stories Behind 4 Famous Uniforms
Newspaper & Magazine Origins
The Origins of Salt, Pepper & Other Popular Spices
The Origins of the Periodic Table
A Brief History of Breast Implants
The Truth About Lie Detectors
The Origins of Credit Cards, Checks, Coins and Bills
The Origins of 7 Musical Instruments
The Zany History of Mini Golf
The Early History of LEGO
Pass the Knowledge: The Origins of Your Favorite Condiments
The Early History of Bungee Jumping
The Origin of Air Conditioning
A Brief History of Jeans
VELCRO: The Humble Origins of the Greatest Thing to Ever Happen to My Sneakers
The Origin of the Eiffel Tower
5 Superhero (and Supervillain) Origins
The Origins of American Political Debates


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