Society6 is Offering 20 Percent Off Everything, Plus Free Shipping


Get ready to grab your wallet because Society6 is having one of their rare 20-percent-off sales and throwing in free shipping. The online store is known for taking amazing art from designers all over the world and plastering it on everything from t-shirts to throw pillows. Now that the company has unveiled new clear phone cases, bathroom items, and even floor pillows, it's going to be hard to pass on this excellent sale.

We know that navigating Society6 is a huge undertaking, so we took the time to pull a selection of our favorite items. You can thank us later.

World Domination For Cats Tote | $16

Koromiko Leggings | $31.20

Renaissance Mutant Ninja Artists Shirt | $19.20

Mckenzie River Tapestry | $31.20

TROPICAL CREATION Clear Phone Case | $28

Iridescent Floor Pillow | $71.20

Phases of the Moon | $33.60

Let's All Go And Have Breakfast Rug | $22.40

The Owl's 3 Print | $13.60

Frida Kahlo Wall Clock | $24

Watercolour cacti and succulent Pouch | $12

Unik Pillow | $17.60

Home Sweet Home Throw Blanket | $39.20

Star Team - Legends of Lylat Print | $17.60

Piranha Plant Art Travel Mug | $19.20

Traditional Rick and Morty Mug | $12

Books Laptop Sleeve | $28.80

Mind hand towel | $9.60

Channel Your Inner Sea Monster With This Cozy Kraken Blanket

In what has become an annual tradition, another one of ThinkGeek's "fake" April Fool's Day products has become a reality: Get ready to release the Kraken and add this cozy Tentacuddle Blanket to your shopping cart.

Every year, ThinkGeek comes up with a handful of prank products for April Fool's Day, many of which are so awesome that customers really want to buy them. So the company takes the most popular ones and turns them into very real gadgets and garments that you can own. The Tenctacuddle Blanket was one of ThinkGeek's annual April Fool's Day prank items in 2017, but it was too good to stay fictional. So, following this year's April Fool's festivities, ThinkGeek began selling the blankets for real.

This wearable full-body creation is a reaction to those popular and whimsical mermaid blankets (and the popularity of mermaid products as a whole, both on ThinkGeek and the rest of the internet). It's a must-have alternative for those who prefer dark and vicious sea monsters like the Kraken.

The real thing looks a little different than the Tentacuddle Wrap the brand jokingly mocked up back in 2017: Each of the five tentacles is 2 feet long with three suckers and has an opening at the end for you to put your hand or foot through. It's perfect for keeping your whole body warm while lounging on the couch. Made of machine-washable acrylic, it can be yours for $59.99.

To shop other ThinkGeek prank items made real, like the Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag, head here. Don't forget to ogle this year's April Fool's catalog and vote on which one you want ThinkGeek to make a reality for 2019.

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Act Fast to Exchange Your Expiring Toys "R" Us Gift Cards
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

When Toys "R" Us announced it would be liquidating its remaining stores in March, discussion turned from lamenting the famous toy chain’s demise to wondering what it meant for customers who purchased gift cards or had enrolled in their loyalty program.

Officially, the retailer has announced that its rewards program is no longer active and that Toys "R" Us gift cards will be redeemable in stores only through April 21. (The company is no longer accepting online orders.) For those who don’t think they’ll have interest in spending the gift card at a barren and toy-depleted TRU location by then, there's another solution: According to Today, Bed Bath & Beyond will accept TRU gift cards in exchange for a card that's good at any of their stores.

The catch? You won’t get the full face value of the card. A $25 Toys "R" Us card might be redeemable for only $16 at Bed Bath & Beyond. A $100 toy card has a roughly $64 value.

Bed Bath & Beyond is only offering this buyback program through Thursday, April 5, so you’ll need to act fast. And if you happen to be one of the poor souls holding a Geoffrey Birthday Club coupon, you're entirely out of luck. The giraffe isn't in a celebratory mood.

[h/t WTOL]


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