How Much Money Was Actually Stolen in Hollywood's Biggest Heist Films?


The stakes are high in any good heist film, but just how high? Some movie heists involve millions of dollars—but others involve billions. The van insurance experts at crunched some numbers to figure out how Hollywood's biggest heist movies stack up, comparing the hauls from heists in movies like Die Hard, The Italian Job, Goldfinger, Now You See Me, and even The Pink Panther.

Die Hard—both the first and third installments in the series—sits high on the list of most expensive movie heists. Die Hard With a Vengeance, the third installment, was a battle over $140 billion; in the original, the bad guys were trying to get away with $640 million. Compare that to Heat’s $1 million.

The movies, dating back to 1956, are ranked numerically based on the value of their stolen goods. The infographic also notes the primary motive for the crime, the getaway vehicle, and whether or not the perpetrators were successful. (Spoiler alert: only 41 percent were.)

There are a few reasons why the numbers may not be perfect, though. Some of the values come from the films themselves, but where that wasn’t possible, the creators calculated the estimated value of the items stolen instead. They didn't adjust for inflation, either, which could be relevant in the case of some older films. CBC News has previously calculated the value of the gold in Goldfinger to be much lower than is tabulated here—at $86.4 million based on the price of gold today, but more like $12.5 million when you consider the value of gold in 1964. But then again, what thief wouldn’t exaggerate their haul?

Leon Neal, Getty Images
The Best and Worst States for Online Dating, Mapped
 Leon Neal, Getty Images
Leon Neal, Getty Images

If your online dating experience is more awkward than romantic, maybe you have geography to blame. An AT&T retailer called All Home Connections recently crunched some data on the online dating landscape, and let's just say we hope you aren’t trying to Tinder in New Mexico.

The southwestern state turns out to be one of the worst for online dating prospects, at least according to this methodology, which looked at dating opportunities, demographics, and safety. It took into account the state’s percentage of singles and gender balance, along with things like unemployment rate and median earnings, percentage of people with smartphones, data on whether or not people there say they are even interested in online dating, and the violent crime rate.

A map of the U.S. with states colored on a gradient from red to white to show online dating prospects
All Home Connections

According to this data, if you want to find love online, you should head to the Northeast: New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Maine topped the list. That may not be surprising considering the data that went into the calculation—those states have some of the highest incomes in the U.S., and fairly high rates of educational attainment.

By contrast, the lowest states on the list, New Mexico and Arkansas, both come out looking pretty bad by those standards. So if you’re not looking for a rich spouse with a bachelor’s degree, you might not necessarily agree with some of rankings. (Although those states also have some of the highest violent crime rates, so you might want to do a little extra online sleuthing to background check your dates before you meet up there.)

Here are the 10 best states for online dating, according to the data:

1. New Hampshire
2. Massachusetts
3. Rhode Island
4. Connecticut
5. Maine
6. North Dakota
7. Washington
8. Minnesota
9. New York
10. New Jersey

And these are the 10 worst:

1. Arkansas
2. New Mexico
3. Mississippi
4. Louisiana
5. South Carolina
6. Tennessee
7. Alabama
8. Oklahoma
9. Texas
10. Nevada

For those still struggling to find a Valentine, the map might be a little comforting, in a way. If you’re not finding the love of your life on Tinder in the South, know that you might not be the only one struggling. It’s not you; it’s the state.

Versus Reviews
The Most Popular Cocktail in Each State, Mapped
Versus Reviews
Versus Reviews

Long Island Iced Teas are popular in many states, but New York (home to Long Island, its purported birthplace) surprisingly isn’t one of them, at least according to the team over at product review website Versus Reviews. Versus Reviews looked at Google search data from the past 12 months to see which recipes, garnish ideas, and other cocktail-related queries were searched the most in each state, and found that alcohol interests can vary significantly by region.

There was some agreement, as you can see from the map below. Long Island Iced Teas and Whiskey Sours seem to reign supreme for many cocktail enthusiasts across America. Drinkers in six states—including Idaho, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wyoming—seem to be sweet on Whiskey Sours, while Long Island Iced Teas topped the search results in Connecticut, Iowa, Montana, Ohio, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

These bar drinks weren’t the only cocktails to make the cut. Boozy brunch treats proved the most popular in nine states, including Maryland (Mimosas), Tennessee (Tequila Sunrises), and Minnesota (Bloody Marys). Meanwhile, in Southern states like Alabama and Kentucky, drinkers tend to stick with traditional Mint Juleps, according to search data.

Check out the map below to see which cocktail dominated search results in your state.


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