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Revolutionize Your Nap With These 11 Products

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Sometimes the only way to get through the day is to catch a quick nap. Whether you're trying to sleep through a flight, sneaking ZZZs at work, or just need to stay awake for a night shift, there are plenty of gadgets and items to help make your napping experience a quality one.


Good luck to anyone who tries to talk to you on a plane while you're wearing this headgear. The trifecta of neck rest, eye mask, and headphones is the perfect tool to block out all your surroundings and ensure a small amount of comfort, no matter cramped your seat is. Memory foam lines the neck support and eye mask for extra comfort, and the whole thing folds up neatly for easy travel.

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Pretty much anyone who has ever been to a planetarium has nodded off, at least for a moment. And who can blame them? Being engrossed in darkness and stars is incredibly relaxing. Now you can bring that wonder home with a small light projector that throws (scientifically inaccurate) stars and shapes all over the walls. When you're not using it to improve your sleeping arrangements, you can also use it for very calm parties.

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While some prefer total silence, others like to sleep with the TV on. This device is helpful to both parties by playing a selection of 19 different soothing noises, from gentle rainfall to bird songs. The peaceful audio helps block out unwanted background noise and comes with a timer, so the sounds get gradually quieter as you fall asleep.

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Waking up from a great nap is the worst part of napping. This gentle alarm clock aims to make the process a little easier by forgoing the traditional blaring noises. Fifteen minutes before your desired wake time, the little gadget will begin playing one of six nature songs; eventually, it switches to a chime that increases in volume until you wake up. It also comes with aromatherapy beads (in clean cotton, lavender essence, ocean water, and pear vanilla) to create a pleasant experience for all your senses. 

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With this 360-degree microbead-filled pillow, any place becomes a napping space. There's a hole for your nose and mouth, along with two holes on the sides for your hands. Now you can create a tiny bubble of personal space in an instant.

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6. NAP WRAP; $25

For something a little less conspicuous, there is also the Wrap-a-Nap, which neatly coils around your face. Consider it a more hardcore face mask.

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Blue light, which suppresses the production of melatonin in the body, is bad news before bed—the waves make it more difficult to fall asleep. Most smart phones now come with a nighttime feature, but what about the lighting in your home? Put this 7-watt amber light bulb in your bedside lamp to help produce melatonin and make drifting off to sleep as easy as dreaming.

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Embody one of the world's laziest creatures with this sloth neck pillow. Its arms wrap around your neck for a warm hug that will send you straight to dreamland, and it even has a little hood that makes you look like a sloth and keeps your head nice and cozy.

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Looking for a quick nap at work? Assuming you have your own office or work from home, this is the perfect chair for power napping—it reclines into a flat position.

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This stand doubles as a bed tray and laptop stand—but why not use it to work in bed? Now you can bang out some quick reports and then take a well deserved snooze.

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Blankets could be doing more for you. Instead of just lying there, your blanket could be giving you a full back massage. Thanks to 14 vibration motors, this innovative blanket will give you all the relaxation of a massage for a fraction of the cost.

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Minh Hoang, Flickr // CC BY-ND 2.0
The 5 Most Valuable Pokemon Cards
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Minh Hoang, Flickr // CC BY-ND 2.0

As a teenager, Pokemon creator Satoshi Tajiri was so fond of collecting insects that classmates called him “Mr. Bug.” While it might not have been an affectionate label, Tajiri had the last laugh: His Pokemon video game, originally released for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1996, has become an enduring multimedia success, selling billions in games, merchandise, and phone apps.

The goal of collecting and pitting monsters against one another has been particularly appealing for trading card collectors, who have created an entire secondary market for the low-tech version of the game. First editions, misprints, and other characteristics all affect value. If you’re curious, take a look at the five most valuable Pokemon cards according to Heritage Auctions and other sources.


A Pikachu Illustrator card
stephychu025, eBay

One of the earliest cards to come out of the Pokemon franchise was this promotional card of Pikachu that was given out to winners of an illustration contest in 1998. An estimated 20 to 39 copies were issued. In late 2016, Heritage Auctions sold one for a whopping $54,970. In 2017, an eBay seller was asking $100,000 for a card graded by professional authenticators to be in virtually perfect condition.


A first edition Charizard Pokemon card
bakemat_0, eBay

This dragon-esque creature was first seen in 1999. Nearly 20 years later, a perfect “10” graded card sold for $11,999.  


A Pokemon Master's Key card
ebirdman, eBay

Given out during a 2010 card championship in Japan, only 34 copies of the Master's Key Prize Card are thought to exist. The scarcity helps the cards fetch four figures when they're spotted on the open market.


A Pokemon Raichu card
sken1851, eBay

Collectors love cards that were never intended for public distribution, and this Raichu card fits the bill. Although unconfirmed, Pokemon lore has it that product distributor Wizards of the Coast made just 10 of these Raichu cards for their employees and stamped “pre release” on the front. While it’s rarely offered for sale, collectors believe it can fetch up to $10,000.


A Pokemon Snap card
base_set_sales, eBay

In a bit of product synergy, Nintendo’s 1999 N64 game, Pokemon Snap, ran a promotion in which players could take a “candid” shot of Pokemon in the game and send it in to a Japanese magazine. Winners would have the image placed on a card. Due to their rarity, the Snaps have reportedly sold for over $8000.

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Radio Flyer
Pop Culture
Tiny Star Wars Fans Can Now Cruise Around in Their Very Own Landspeeders
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Radio Flyer

Some kids collect Hot Wheels, while others own model lightsabers and dream of driving Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder through a galaxy far, far away. Soon, Mashable reports, these pint-sized Jedis-in-training can pilot their very own replicas of the fictional anti-gravity craft: an officially licensed, kid-sized Star Wars Landspeeder, coming in September from American toy company Radio Flyer.

The Landspeeder has an interactive dashboard with light-up buttons, and it plays sounds from the original Star Wars film. The two-seater doesn’t hover, exactly, but it can zoom across desert sands (or suburban sidewalks) at forward speeds of up to 5 mph, and go in reverse at 2 mph.

The vehicle's rechargeable battery allows for around five hours of drive time—just enough for tiny Star Wars fans to reenact their way through both the original 1977 movie and 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. (Sorry, grown-up sci-fi nerds: The toy ride supports only up to 130 pounds, so you’ll have to settle for pretending your car is the Death Star.)

Radio Flyer’s Landspeeder will be sold at Toys “R” Us stores. It costs $500, and is available for pre-order online now.

Watch it in action below:

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