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The Entire Cast of South Park, Categorized

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After 20 seasons on air, the Comedy Central favorite South Park has accumulated an enormous collection of characters. In addition to the main characters, there have been numerous background characters to fill out the cast over the years. Now, you can get a poster that neatly lays out over 130 characters from the iconic animated comedy. Comedy Central and South Park Studios commissioned Pop Chart Labs to organize their show into a comprehensive chart for fans to enjoy.

All the characters are grouped by family, origin, or other defining features (Santa and Mr. Hankey have their own category called "Christmas Cheer"). Next to each face is information pertaining to what episode they debuted in and how often they have appeared since. There are also other appendices, like Randy Marsh's arrest record, how much money the Loch Ness Monster tried to take from Thomas and Nelle McElroy, and all the ways Kenny has died.

South Park fans can snag this 24 by 36-inch poster for $35, or for a little more if they want it framed.

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12 Amazon Prime Perks You Might Be Missing Out On

From diapers to camera equipment to jewelry, you can buy just about anything on Amazon and have it delivered to your doorstep in a matter of days—or in some cases, even hours. If you buy from the retailer often enough, its Prime service, which offers free two-day shipping, will save you far more than the $99 it costs to subscribe.

Your Prime membership offers a lot more than free shipping, though. To get even more out of Prime, don't forget to take full advantage of all its extra perks.


person on computer next to camera

One of the most convenient perks of your Prime membership is unlimited photo storage on Amazon Drive. You can add photos from your phone or computer and access them from your devices. You also have the option to back up those photos automatically with the Amazon Photos app. This way, you can free up precious storage space on your phone. Amazon says they don't adjust or reduce the quality of your images, either.

In addition to unlimited photo storage, Prime members also get 5GB of data storage for free, which is useful for saving videos and other files.


grocery cart on top of iPhone

With Prime Pantry, you can skip the supermarket and have grocery staples delivered to your door. For a flat fee of $5.99, you can order all the kitchen, household, and pet care items you can fit in a box. Each time you add an order to your virtual Pantry box, Amazon will tell you how much room you have left.


Amazon Prime Video app on Apple TV

Prime members also get access to Prime Video, where they can find a huge selection of free movies and TV shows, including their original programming. Similarly, Prime Music includes a massive collection of streaming music from top artists. The songs are ad-free and you can download them to your device in order to listen to them even when you’re not connected to data.

Prime also gives away free entertainment credits via their “no-rush shipping” option. Your Prime membership comes with free two-day shipping, but if you choose a later delivery date, you can score digital credits toward eBooks, music, videos, apps, video games, and software.


A Kindle Paperwhite on display
David McNew, Getty Images

If you're a Prime member with a Kindle e-reader, Fire tablet, or Fire phone, you also have access to the Kindle Owners' Lending Library. It's like a digital public library that offers access to hundreds of thousands of books.

The catch is that you can only borrow one title a month, and the available titles change every month. However, there are no due dates, so if it takes you a few months to finish a book, you don't have to worry about late fees.


baby products

If you have a young child or infant, you can score discounts on supplies with Amazon Family, which offers 20 percent off certain product subscriptions (like diapers and baby food) through Amazon Subscribe & Save. If you use Amazon Family to register for gifts, you also get a 15 percent completion discount on some items, which basically means you'll get a price cut on any items left on your registry.

Even if you’re not a parent, Amazon's Subscribe & Save option can help cut the cost of certain products. You get up to 15 percent off household items when you opt to receive at least five of those products periodically—you set the schedule, so you decide whether that new bag of dog food is delivered every week or month.


Amazon homepage

Amazon's Lightning Deals can be hit or miss, but if you have Prime, you can scope them out early. Amazon allows Prime members to check out what's on sale 30 minutes before anyone else, which can help you snag popular items that will sell out fast.

And on Amazon Prime Day, Prime members are privy to even more deals.


Scarlett Moffatt of Gogglebox with Prime Now package
Andrew Benge, Getty Images for Amazon

If you need something in a rush, Amazon will ship items from local stores, depending on your zip code, with free two-hour delivery. This service is called Prime Now, and it is, of course, only available to Prime customers. It includes over 10,000 items, many of which are household staples like cleaning products, toiletries, and food. However, it also includes some electronics like video games, chargers, and computer accessories.

After acquiring Whole Foods last year, Amazon has added the grocery chain to their Prime Now service in select cities, too (Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Virginia Beach). They're testing Whole Foods delivery in these four cities to see if it's something they want to expand to other cities as well.


The Washington Post in Newspaper Kiosk

After viewing a certain amount of articles on The Washington Post's website, avid readers will eventually hit a metered paywall, meaning they have to pay up to keep reading. If you have Amazon Prime, you can put off opening your wallet, because Prime users get unlimited access for six months once they activate the trial.


The New Yorker on news stand
Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images

Similarly, Amazon members get a one-month free digital subscription to The New Yorker. The digital subscription includes unlimited access to the publication's website as well as The New Yorker Today iOS app. Of course, the digital edition of the magazine is also included in the trial, and you'll also get access to their online archive.

After the free trial, you'll be billed $8.99 a month, but Amazon makes it easy enough to cancel at the click of a button.


Mrs. Meyers Dash Button

This physical "button" makes it easy to reorder household products, like laundry detergent, pet food, diapers, and more. You simply order the button, connect it to your Amazon Prime account, and whenever you need to restock something at home, just hit the button and your item will be delivered.

Yes, there's a $4.99 fee to order the button, but the good news is, you get a $4.99 credit the first time you use it. So as long as you actually use the button once, it's free.


playing video games

Twitch is a live video streaming service for gamers. And since Amazon purchased the company in 2014, you can now get Twitch Prime membership for free with Amazon Prime.

Each month, Twitch members get "free game loot," which includes access to a new game. You can also watch other gamers stream their videos ad-free, and you get one free channel subscription every 30 days. If you already have Amazon Prime, you simply need to link your account to Twitch Prime.


Amazon Elements Baby Wipes

For the socially conscious shopper, Amazon launched Amazon Elements, a shopping portal that includes a line of "premium products."

With Amazon Elements, Amazon only partners with suppliers that meet their "high-quality and safety standards." For now, the selection of products on Elements is scarce. Categories are limited to vitamins and baby wipes. You can dig deeper into the sourcing of these products, though, and review the item's quality report as well as ingredient and product origins via the Amazon app.

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Walmart Will Now Deliver Groceries to Your Door

If you feel that self-checkout lanes still involve an unacceptable risk of mingling with other humans, Walmart is prepared to make you an even better offer. Beginning this year, the retailer will be offering grocery delivery service from more than 800 of their stores, reaching an estimated 40 percent of the country.

The move comes after Amazon’s recent announcement that they would be shuttling food from the recently acquired Whole Foods chain to Amazon Prime customers in under two hours for no charge. Walmart’s plan doesn’t involve a subscription fee; instead, users will be charged $9.95 for delivery, with a minimum $30 order. Prices on delivery items will be the same as in the store.

Consumers in participating regions will be able to select items from the Walmart website or app. The company will then enlist a “personal shopper” trained in selecting cuts of meat and fresh produce to gather the items and then route them to homes via Uber or another ride service, typically within a window of 3 to 4 hours.

The store-to-door service is currently in a handful of trial locations, but Walmart is expected to expand delivery zones quickly, with plans to eventually reach every U.S. household.

[h/t BusinessInsider]


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