Historians still don’t know how Vincent van Gogh lost his left ear, or for that matter, how much of it was actually lopped off. However, as Bored Panda reports, online art community Today Is Art Day decided to take historic liberties in the name of nerdy fun and created a mini van Gogh action figure, complete with two completely detachable ears.

Today Is Art Day developed a prototype of the 5-inch PVC figurine, and to bring it to the art-loving masses, they launched a Kickstarter campaign. Backers who contribute $28 Canadian dollars (around $21 USD) can score their own van Gogh action figure. He even comes in a box decorated with miniature, cut-out replicas of one of his Sunflowers paintings (1888) and The Starry Night (1889).

The campaign ends on March 16 and orders will be shipped by July 2017. View some pictures of the van Gogh action figure below.

[h/t Bored Panda]

Photos courtesy of Today Is Art Day//Kickstarter