9 Warm Cocktails to Sip This Winter


As the mercury drops (and drops), you need all the warm comfort you can find. So why not use some of that ample indoor time to craft a drink that’s warm, boozy, and all sorts of flavorful? Here are a few worth imbibing.


This classic warmer features all the pleasant winter spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and dark brown sugar. What seals the deal, though, is the generous helping of dark rum and the half stick of butter. This recipe, courtesy of Epicurious, should get the blood flowing.


Apple cider, that wondrous cold-weather beverage, has a boozy best friend in bourbon. Delish’s take on the drink adds nutmeg, cinnamon, and ground ginger for good measure, and makes enough to serve any guests who happen to drop by.


Like a wintertime sangria, this drink—also known as mulled wine—combines the signature ingredient with spices, citrus, and other lively ingredients. If you’re handy in the kitchen, try this heady take from Food & Wine that adds in cherry brandy, cardamom, and black pepper. Or, try making a slow cooker version.


Before you write off the combination of milk and alcohol, consider that this drink has been warming souls since the 17th century. Traditionally served cold, it can also be made warm and frothy, as The New York Times demonstrates. If you’re interested in the classic version, try Mary Rockett’s Milk Punch recipe, which dates from 1711.


There are many ways to booze up hot chocolate, but we’re featuring this one because it also calls for the perfect cold-weather beer. The Floating Kitchen has this unbeatable recipe, which calls for whole milk, unsweetened cocoa, dark chocolate, and 12 ounces of Rogue Chocolate Stout. A scoop of ice cream further sweetens the deal.


The hot toddy has been a preferred nightcap and cold remedy for generations of drinkers. For a fresh take, try this Mexican-inspired riff from Serious Eats that includes agave nectar, ginger beer, mezcal, and mole bitters. It has a sweet, smoky flavor that’s sure to please.


The name tells you everything you need to know. Follow The Kitchn’s instructions and use Irish whiskey along with homemade whipped cream.


Tea cocktails are—there’s really no other way to say it—hot right now. Across the country, mixologists are livening up Earl Gray and company with sweeteners, spices, and proper doses of rum, gin, and other spirits. Try this recipe from Town and Country, which combines Darjeeling tea with Orleans Cider Bitters, dry sherry, and agave nectar.


Fresh-brewed coffee, rum, and Kahlua come together to make this eye-opening cocktail. The best part? You get to light it (carefully) on fire. Imbibe offers this recipe courtesy of Huber’s in Portland, Oregon.

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Alexa Can Now Help You Find a Wine Pairing

Even if you enjoy wine regularly, you may not know exactly how you’re supposed to pair it with food. But you don’t have to be a sommelier to put together a good pairing at home. According to Lifehacker, you can just ask Alexa.

An Alexa skill called Wine Finder is designed to help you figure out which wine varietal would go best with whatever food you’re planning to eat. You just have to ask, “What wine goes well with … ”

Created by an app developer called Bloop Entertainment, the Amazon Echo skill features a database with 500 wine pairings. And not all of them are designed for someone working their way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The skill will also help you find the proper pairing for your more casual snacks. In one demo, the skill recommends pairing nachos with a Sauvignon blanc or Zinfandel. (Note that the latter also goes well with Frito pie.)

You can also ask it to find you the perfect wine to drink with apple pie and pizza, in addition to the meats, cheeses, and other wine-pairing staples you might expect. However, if you ask it what to pair with hot dogs, it says “water,” which is an affront to hot dog connoisseurs everywhere.

There are a few other wine-pairing skills available for Alexa, including Wine Pairings, Wine Pairings (two different skills), and Wine Expert. But according to user reviews, Wine Finder is the standout, offering more and higher-quality suggestions than some of the other sommelier apps.

It’s free to enable here, so drink up.

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Richard Brendon
This $56 Glass Is Perfectly Suited to All Styles of Wine
Richard Brendon
Richard Brendon

People who take their wine seriously tend to own different glasses for different types of wine. Decor website Home Stratosphere, for instance, identified 18 wine glasses—each shaped differently to complement the unique flavors and fragrances of a Bordeaux, a Burgundy, and other kinds of red, white, and dessert wines.

If you don’t want to spare the expense or the cupboard space for all those glasses, you may want to check out Richard Brendon’s $56 wine glass, which is said to be suited to all types of wine. As spotted by Fast Company, the “1 Wine Glass” is the result of a collaboration between Brendon, a London-based product designer, and wine critic Jancis Robinson.

Robinson said that when Brendon asked her to help design a range of wine glasses, she was “insistent” that they design one single glass. “I love white wine as much as red and have never understood why white wine glasses are routinely smaller than those designed for red wine,” Robinson said in a statement, adding that white wines can be just as complex as reds. “It just seems so obvious and sensible to have one single wine glass for all three colors of wine—especially when so many of us are short of storage space.”

To get it just right, they toiled with the thinness of the glass, the length of the stem, the curvature, the opening, and the overall practicality (Robinson said it had to be dishwasher safe, and indeed, the finished result is). The result is a 125ml handcrafted glass that can be used for all types of wine, including champagne, port, and sherry. The duo also designed a stemless water glass and two decanters. The items can be purchased on Richard Brendon's website.

[h/t Fast Company]


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