You may recognize Sleep Number from the evenings you’ve stayed up watching infomercials while splayed out in your antiquated coil-spring bed. The company started as an adjustable-position alternative to conventional mattresses; lately, they’ve been rolling out products with built-in technology that claims to help resolve back alignment, snoring, and other issues.

With the Sleep Number 360, the newest of the company’s offerings, users can now aim for a sleep experience previously available only to rich oil barons … or people with electric blankets. The bed will use a timer to preheat the foot of the mattress so that your feet will never again have to experience the indignity of being even slightly cold.

It’s an unusual feature, but Sleep Number claims to have conducted research indicating that people fall asleep faster when their feet are slightly warmer than usual. The timer used to begin the warming process is connected to the bed’s app, which tracks a sleeper’s bedtime habits and can make adjustments based on that data.

The Sleep Number 360 is expected to become available to consumers sometime this year, with prices to be announced.

[h/t Gizmodo]