11 Geeky Soaps to Level Up Your Hygiene


Everyone remembers at least one family member who had a little bowl of decorative soap in the bathroom that you absolutely could not use. At the time, it seemed pretty strange to have soap "just for show," but after you see some of these amazing and geeky soaps we dug up, you might be swayed to do the same. 


When Pokemon Red and Blue hit the shelves, a whole generation suddenly found themselves glued to their Game Boys. Pay homage to those classic video games with these tiny bars of soap, which look just like the original Game Boy cartridges. Each of the citrus-y smelling soaps comes in a plastic case, just like the real game. 

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This soap will transport you to a time when you're more clean. The blue rectangular soap looks like the TARDIS from Doctor Who and comes with a handy rope to prevent the time machine from slipping out of your hands. It even comes in a special polyester carrying case for cleaning on the go.

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Now you can pretend to be like Game of Thrones's Daenerys Targaryen and hatch three of your own baby dragons. Instead of walking through flames, you just need to walk into the shower. This set comes with three scaly eggs and three sleeping dragons. Unfortunately, there are no dragons inside the eggs, but at least you can have the dragon soap immediately.

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Unfortunately for addicted gamers, you can't take an actual controller into the bath, but at least you can take these soapy replicas. You can now wash yourself with a citrus smelling Sega Mega Drive that's made to scale. 

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Showers are about to get a lot more energizing—no freezing cold water needed. This vegetable-based glycerine soap is made with caffeine to give you a morning jumpstart, even before your first cup of coffee. Each bar has about 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving/shower. It also has a refreshing peppermint smell—but no, it's not edible.

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Who knew nostalgia could be so cleansing? These bars of soap are life-sized replicas of Nintendo 64 games. You can decide to play/bathe with Super Smash Brothers, GoldenEye 007, or The Legend of Zelda. You don't even have to blow into these citrus-scented soaps to get them to work.

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Unicorns are magical and mysterious creatures that provide endlessly useful products for humans. Unicorn blood apparently lets you extend your life, so it makes sense that their poop can get you clean. Is there anything these sparkly ponies can't do?

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Still can't find the right soap? Take matters into your own hands and make your own. This DIY kit lets you create soaps that look like crystals and gemstones. Each kit comes with enough materials to create two colorful, full-sized gemstones. The box comes with clear and white soap base, food coloring, and molds. Once you're finished crafting, you can hop right into the shower with your new creation. 

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This Pokeball soap is the perfect motivation for getting into the shower. Once you use it enough, a mystery Pokemon figurine will begin to emerge. The bi-colored balls of soap are made with a goat's milk soap base, glycerin, and essential oils. The six-ounce soaps smell like "oran berries" fresh from Palett Town.

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This radioactive (looking) soap lets you wash your hands even in the dark. The set comes with three glow-in-the dark soaps: uranium, plutonium, and fallout shelter. Each one smells like fresh rainwater. 

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This surprisingly elaborate bar of soap looks like Star Wars's Admiral Ackbar. The figure comes in any color or scent you would like. It'll have your guests yelling "it's a trap!" from the bathroom as you lock them in.

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This Decal Set Transforms a Roomba Into R2-D2

With a simple decal set, you can transform a Roomba from a robot vacuum cleaner into a droid from a galaxy far, far away. According to Gizmodo, Bel & Bel, a design studio/workshop in Barcelona, Spain, created these blue-and-white vinyl stickers. Affix them to your Roomba, and the device will instantly look like R2-D2. An added bonus? It's way better at cleaning up Wookiee fur.

Sadly, the stickers aren't available for order yet, nor is there a price tag. However, Star Wars fans can keep their eyes peeled for an eventual sale date by checking out Bel & Bel's website.

Radio Flyer
Pop Culture
Tiny Star Wars Fans Can Now Cruise Around in Their Very Own Landspeeders
Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer

Some kids collect Hot Wheels, while others own model lightsabers and dream of driving Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder through a galaxy far, far away. Soon, Mashable reports, these pint-sized Jedis-in-training can pilot their very own replicas of the fictional anti-gravity craft: an officially licensed, kid-sized Star Wars Landspeeder, coming in September from American toy company Radio Flyer.

The Landspeeder has an interactive dashboard with light-up buttons, and it plays sounds from the original Star Wars film. The two-seater doesn’t hover, exactly, but it can zoom across desert sands (or suburban sidewalks) at forward speeds of up to 5 mph, and go in reverse at 2 mph.

The vehicle's rechargeable battery allows for around five hours of drive time—just enough for tiny Star Wars fans to reenact their way through both the original 1977 movie and 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. (Sorry, grown-up sci-fi nerds: The toy ride supports only up to 130 pounds, so you’ll have to settle for pretending your car is the Death Star.)

Radio Flyer’s Landspeeder will be sold at Toys “R” Us stores. It costs $500, and is available for pre-order online now.

Watch it in action below:

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