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10 Gloriously Geeky Quilts

Shannonagannery via imgur
Shannonagannery via imgur

Which fandom do you prefer to sleep under?


CandySnow via imgur

This appliquéd quilt featuring Zelda and Link was made by sewing each individual piece onto a fabric background. CandySnow sold this quilt through her Etsy shop and then had to suspend sales because the buzz surrounding the Zelda quilt caused her to get behind in orders. You can see more pictures of it in this gallery.


Felice Regina made a Game of Thrones quilt for her husband Seth depicting the animals from the various house sigils on the show. By using a combination of patchwork, appliqué, and embroidery, Regina made each animal visible in negative on the reverse side. Regina posted a tutorial in case you want to recreate the quilt yourself.


Erica Price made this huge quilt depicting Tracer from the game Overwatch. It's 7 feet wide and 7.5 feet long, made of over 3700 individual patchwork pieces. Price is planning to sell it. You can see more pictures in this album.


KreativeMumma via Etsy

Some lucky infant will be introduced to the gaming life with an 8-bit style Pokeball baby blanket that measure 32 inches square. You can purchase it or one of several other video game quilts at the KreativeMumma Etsy shop.


Asmotron via imgur

Asmotron received this Darth Vader quilt from his mother. She took the patchwork pattern from a much smaller bead pattern, then thought the "blocky style" might not be right. But she unknowingly made it cooler by giving it an 8-bit pixelated style, which her son loved. The reverse side sports a Vader-printed fabric that glows in the dark. The computerized quilting pattern depicts different Star Wars characters and spaceships. Best mom ever! You can see all the quilt's features in this imgur gallery.


Xarddrax via imgur

Xarddrax was proud and a bit envious that his wife made an 8-bit Mega Man quilt for their 14-year-old son last Christmas. She designed the pixelated images of the game's various bosses on graph paper and took original pictures to match colors when she bought the fabric. It's really big, too, at 7 feet, 3 inches square.


Beth and Sara are the Crafty Geeks. They made this quilt featuring minimalist but very recognizable characters and icons from the British TV series Doctor Who. They've used the same style for quilts featuring superheroes, Star Trek characters, and various other science fiction and fantasy worlds. Look for them displaying their creations at a fan convention near you, and right now at Instagram.


Shannonagannery via imgur

This is only the second quilt Shannonagannery ever made, and she didn't even use a pattern! She estimates that the tied patchwork quilt with Pac-Man and ghost appliqués took 75 hours to complete. "I was very ready to be done by the end and will be taking a sewing hiatus," she wrote on Reddit. "Baby quilts only from now on!"


ARBTimgur via imgur

Redditor bottledgoose made this quilt in the shape of the TNT used in Minecraft as a gift for her stepson. All those diamond shapes were sewn together by hand! Yeah, the stepson liked it. You can see a gallery of images from the quilting process here.


Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead is shown in silhouette in this appliquéd art quilt. Jenna Clements titled her quilt "What Lies Ahead" for quilt shows, but otherwise calls it "The Rick Quilt" because everyone knows what that means. The organizers of the 2016 Exeter Spring Quilt Festival selected it to be shown at their other quilt shows, so Clements let her creation go on tour. But she was glad to have it back at her shop later.

This Decal Set Transforms a Roomba Into R2-D2

With a simple decal set, you can transform a Roomba from a robot vacuum cleaner into a droid from a galaxy far, far away. According to Gizmodo, Bel & Bel, a design studio/workshop in Barcelona, Spain, created these blue-and-white vinyl stickers. Affix them to your Roomba, and the device will instantly look like R2-D2. An added bonus? It's way better at cleaning up Wookiee fur.

Sadly, the stickers aren't available for order yet, nor is there a price tag. However, Star Wars fans can keep their eyes peeled for an eventual sale date by checking out Bel & Bel's website.

Radio Flyer
Pop Culture
Tiny Star Wars Fans Can Now Cruise Around in Their Very Own Landspeeders
Radio Flyer
Radio Flyer

Some kids collect Hot Wheels, while others own model lightsabers and dream of driving Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder through a galaxy far, far away. Soon, Mashable reports, these pint-sized Jedis-in-training can pilot their very own replicas of the fictional anti-gravity craft: an officially licensed, kid-sized Star Wars Landspeeder, coming in September from American toy company Radio Flyer.

The Landspeeder has an interactive dashboard with light-up buttons, and it plays sounds from the original Star Wars film. The two-seater doesn’t hover, exactly, but it can zoom across desert sands (or suburban sidewalks) at forward speeds of up to 5 mph, and go in reverse at 2 mph.

The vehicle's rechargeable battery allows for around five hours of drive time—just enough for tiny Star Wars fans to reenact their way through both the original 1977 movie and 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. (Sorry, grown-up sci-fi nerds: The toy ride supports only up to 130 pounds, so you’ll have to settle for pretending your car is the Death Star.)

Radio Flyer’s Landspeeder will be sold at Toys “R” Us stores. It costs $500, and is available for pre-order online now.

Watch it in action below:

[h/t Mashable]


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