Interactive Map Gives Wi-Fi Codes of Airports Around the World

Waiting in the airport can be a real drag, especially if your flight is delayed. Killing time in them can also be pretty expensive, whether you're burning through mobile data on your phone or crushing drinks at the airport bar. It might be tempting to pay for an hour of internet access while you're waiting, but you might want to check out this map first.

Travel blogger, computer security engineer, and internet Robin Hood Anil Polat has put together an amazingly helpful map that provides the Wi-Fi passwords of most airports. Simply click on the corresponding blue airplane icon, and you can get the password and sometimes some tips about where the strongest connection can be found. The map is continuously updating, so you don't have to worry about the airports getting wise. Now you can get on Twitter to complain about your delayed flight without breaking the bank.

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Primary image courtesy of Google.

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