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11 More Pop Culture Coloring Books

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As you well know by now, coloring books aren’t just for kids anymore. These days, you can find coloring books about almost anything you can imagine. We’ve already compiled one list of spectacular pop culture coloring books, but there are so many available now that we had to make another. These books are the perfect way to de-stress while waiting for that much-delayed movie sequel or the next season of your favorite TV show.


Thanks to the generous people at Scholastic, there are a whole slew of Harry Potter coloring books to choose from. This poster book contains 20 designs printed on high-quality card stock, so when you’re done with your creations, you can tear them out and hang them (they're one-sided, making them perfect for decorating your home). The designs come from two of the regular coloring books in the series, Harry Potter Coloring Book and Harry Potter Magical Creatures Coloring Book.

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Anything goes in Lewis Carroll’s magic world of Wonderland, so the coloring possibilities are likewise endless. In this book, illustrator Amily Shen created 80 pages of beautiful and intricate designs—everything from the Cheshire Cat's smile to the teacups at the Mad Hatter's tea party—for fans of the classic tale to color.

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Lovers of the novels and Starz television series Outlander will enjoy reliving it all with this official coloring book. You’ll need to grab a lot of green pencils to fill in the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands.

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Color in your favorite fraternal paranormal hunting duo as they drive across the country in their black 1967 Chevy Impala (or any color car you want, really). This 96-page coloring book features a whole host of characters, angels, and monsters from the CW show Supernatural that could all use a bit of color. Each page is intricately detailed, so colorers will need plenty of time on their hands to get through it all.

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5. DOCTOR WHO; $11

If you already worked your way through the last Doctor Who coloring book, consider pre-ordering the next installment, which features a number of the doctor’s friends as well as notable people from history like Winston Churchill, William Shakespeare, and Vincent van Gogh. The book comes out this July, so you either need the TARDIS or a little patience to get your hands on a copy.

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Break out your red and purple crayons, because you’re going to need them if you want to do Disney’s best villains justice. Color in the extravagant outfits of villains like Cruella De Vil and Ursula (preferably while cackling maniacally). The fancy cover, a thick board with double metallic foil stamping, is fitting for any villain.

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The Walking Dead comics have traditionally always been in black and white, but now is your chance to inject a little color (mostly brown and red). There are 96 pages of gunslinging survivors and shambling zombies to color your way through.

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Just in time for the movie, Marvel fans can give their comic book heroes a makeover. There are 120 single-sided pages to color, all featuring the heroes we all know and love. Whether you’re a Captain America fan or an Iron Man fan, there’s plenty of content for both sides.


Celebrate Wonder Woman throughout the years with this new coloring book that comes out in October. Color in the star-spangled hero as she explores her homeland, Themyscira and fights crime in the United States. The 80-page coloring book offers hours of entertainment.

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The “Colour Me Good” series has a ton of different celebrities to choose from, including Ryan Gosling and Harry Styles. Another option is pop star Taylor Swift. Illustrator Mel Elliott has created 16 line drawings of the singer for you to color in.

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11. NICHOLAS CAGE; £8.00 ($11.50)

Actor and meme-favorite Nicholas Cage is the perfect face to color in with this entertaining activity book. You can dress him up, help him out of a maze, or draw him a new face.

Find it: Belly Kids

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10 People Who Have Misplaced Their Oscars
Getty Images
Getty Images

Winning an Oscar is, for most, a once-in-a-lifetime achievement. Unless you’re Walt Disney, who won 22. Nevertheless, owning a little gold guy is such a rarity that you’d think their owners would be a little more careful with them. Now, not all of these losses are the winners' fault—but some of them certainly are, Colin Firth.


After Angelina Jolie planted a kiss on her brother and made the world wrinkle their noses, she went onstage and collected a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her role as Lisa in Girl, Interrupted. She later presented the trophy to her mother, Marcheline Bertrand. The statuette may have been boxed up and put into storage with the rest of Marcheline’s belongings when she died in 2007, but it hasn’t yet surfaced. “I didn’t actually lose it,” Jolie said, “but nobody knows where it is at the moment.”


In 2002, Whoopi Goldberg sent her Ghost Best Supporting Actress Oscar back to the Academy to have it cleaned and detailed, because apparently you can do that. The Academy then sent the Oscar on to R.S. Owens Co. of Chicago, the company that manufactures the trophies. When it arrived in the Windy City, however, the package was empty. It appeared that someone had opened the UPS package, removed the Oscar, then neatly sealed it all back up and sent it on its way. It was later found in a trash can at an airport in Ontario, California. The Oscar was returned to the Academy, who returned it to Whoopi without cleaning it. “Oscar will never leave my house again,” Goldberg said.


When Olympia Dukakis’s Moonstruck Oscar was stolen from her home in 1989, she called the Academy to see if it could be replaced. “For $78,” they said, and she agreed that it seemed like a fair price. It was the only thing taken from the house.


“I don’t know what happened to the Oscar they gave me for On the Waterfront,” Marlon Brando wrote in his autobiography. “Somewhere in the passage of time it disappeared.” He also didn't know what happened to the Oscar that he had Sacheen Littlefeather accept for him in 1973. “The Motion Picture Academy may have sent it to me, but if it did, I don’t know where it is now.”


Jeff Bridges had just won his Oscar in 2010 for his portrayal of alcoholic country singer Bad Blake in Crazy Heart, but it was already missing by the next year’s ceremony, where he was up for another one. He lost to Colin Firth for The King’s Speech. “It’s been in a few places since last year but I haven’t seen it for a while now,” the actor admitted. “I’m hoping it will turn up, especially now that I haven’t won a spare! But Colin deserves it. I just hope he looks after it better.” Which brings us to ...


Perhaps Jeff Bridges secretly cursed the British actor as he said those words, because Firth nearly left his new trophy on a toilet tank the very night he received it. After a night of cocktails at the Oscar after-parties in 2011, Firth allegedly had to be chased down by a bathroom attendant, who had found the eight-pound statuette in the bathroom stall. Notice we said allegedly: Shortly after those reports surfaced, Firth's rep issued a statement saying the "story is completely untrue. Though it did give us a good laugh."


When newbie writers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck took home Oscars for writing Good Will Hunting in 1998, it was one of those amazing Academy Award moments. Now, though, Damon isn’t sure where his award went. “I know it ended up at my apartment in New York, but unfortunately, we had a flood when one of the sprinklers went off when my wife and I were out of town and that was the last I saw of it,” Damon said in 2007.


In 1945, seven-year-old Margaret O’Brien was presented with a Juvenile Academy Award for being the outstanding child actress of the year. About 10 years later, the O’Briens' maid took the award home to polish, as she had done before, but never came back to work. The missing Oscar was forgotten about when O’Brien’s mother died shortly thereafter, and when Margaret finally remembered to call the maid, the number had been disconnected. She ended up receiving a replacement from the Academy.

There’s a happy ending to this story, though. In 1995, a couple of guys were picking their way through a flea market when they happened upon the Oscar. They put it up for auction, which is when word got back to the Academy that the missing trophy had resurfaced. The guys who found the Oscar pulled it from auction and presented it, in person, to Margaret O’Brien. “I’ll never give it to anyone to polish again,” she said.


For years, Bing Crosby's Oscar for 1944’s Going My Way had been on display at his alma mater, Gonzaga University. In 1972, students walked into the school’s library to find that the 13-inch statuette had been replaced with a three-inch Mickey Mouse figurine instead. A week later, the award was found, unharmed, in the university chapel. “I wanted to make people laugh,” the anonymous thief later told the school newspaper.


Hattie McDaniel, famous for her Supporting Actress win as Mammy in Gone with the Wind, donated her Best Actress Oscar to Howard University. It was displayed in the fine arts complex for a time, but went missing sometime in the 1960s. No one seems to know exactly when or how, but there are rumors that the Oscar was unceremoniously dumped into the Potomac by students angered by racial stereotypes such as the one she portrayed in the film.

An earlier version of this post ran in 2013.

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Pop Culture
"Weird Al" Yankovic Is Getting the Funko Treatment
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian, Getty Images

Though the New York Toy Fair—the largest trade show for playthings in the western hemisphere—won't officially kick off until Saturday, February 17, kids and kids-at-heart are already finding much to get excited about as the world's biggest toy companies ready to unleash their newest wares on the world. One item that has gotten us—and fans of fine parody songs everywhere—excited is "Weird Al" Yankovic's induction into the Funko Pop! family. The accordion-loving songwriter behind hits like "Eat It," "White & Nerdy," "Amish Paradise," and "Smells Like Nirvana" shared the news via Twitter, and included what we can only hope is a final rendering of his miniaturized, blockheaded vinyl likeness:

In late December, Funko announced that a Weird Al toy would be coming in 2018 as part of the beloved brand's Pop Rocks series. Though we know he'll be joined by Alice Cooper, Kurt Cobain, Elton John, and the members of Mötley Crüe, there's no word yet on exactly when you’ll be able to get your hands on Pop! Al. But knowing that he's coming is enough … for now.


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