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A group of Kansas City, Missouri, police officers found themselves stuck in an elevator that stalled because it was over its weight limit. That in itself is embarrassing. We can only speculate how long they sat there discussing their situation before they broke down and called emergency services. The Kansas City Fire Department responded, and couldn’t resist snapping a picture of the rescue. This picture will no doubt be on the wall of every firehouse in the Midwest. If Kansas City puts out a fireman’s calendar, it will be on that, too.


A man driving a large foot was spotted in the Wandsworth borough of London, possibly getting a ticket for driving barefoot from a traffic officer. The police department’s Twitter account shared the picture, and it wasn’t long before an explanation came back. The giant motorized foot is the brainchild of the Wandsworth Fringe Festival’s Ministry of Silly Ideas, launched to promote the festival. There’s no better way to get publicity than to have a viral photograph of a police interaction. The Fringe Festival begins May 6.


Police in Kensington, New Hampshire, arrested 29-year-old Joshua Tackett on charges of driving under the influence after he wrecked his vehicle right in front of the police station. The result was a priceless mug shot with Tackett grinning, barely able to hold his eyes open, and wearing a t-shirt that said “This guy needs a beer.” Police Chief Scott Sanders arrested him Friday night.  

According to Sanders, who responded to the scene, Tackett crossed into the northbound lane and went off the road. He drove through a stonewall and a granite post before after striking a utility pole and getting tangled up the in the pole's guide wires.

His vehicle sustained major damage. The stonewall and granite post were also heavily damaged.

Tackett suffered minor injuries and refused medical treatment at the scene.

Tackett was released on a $750 bond, and presumably went home to await his viral fame.


A lamb born without fleece at a farm in Chilton Foliat in Wiltshire, UK, was rejected by his mother. It was just too odd. Farmer Sally-Ann Fisher says they named the lamb Skippy because he looks like a kangaroo. He’s now being hand-raised by humans. They don’t yet know whether Skippy will be hairless for life, but he’s already got the next best thing -a coat made out of a fluffy old sweater. It will not only keep him warm, but may make him look more like the other sheep on the farm.


Every year since 2008, cyclists in Portland, Oregon, have taken part in a ride called Bowie vs. Prince. They sign up for either team Bowie or Team Prince, and then dress like them for the ride. Founder Lillian Karabaic had considered changing the event in the wake of Bowie’s death.

"Me and my co-leader, with Bowie's death this year, were considering making the ride Bowie vs. Bowie," said Karabaic. "We felt like a lot of people wouldn't want to be Prince in light of it. I guess for better or worse, it's now going to be Bowie vs. Prince again."

Karabaic was thinking about ending the annual ride even before the stars' deaths. She's hoping some other event can take its place next year, but thinks it's fitting this year's bike ride will be the last.

"Bowie vs. Prince is going to be a totally different type of ride this year," she said. "It's going to be a memorial ride."

This year’s event may be the biggest of all, even if it is the last one.


A cat named Boots became stuck high in a tree in Melbourne, Australia, early on Wednesday morning. The RSPCA and the local fire brigade declined to help. The cat’s owner couldn’t afford to hire a professional animal rescue service, and the tree branches were too spindly for anyone to climb.   

To raise the money needed, neighbor Susie Butler started a Go Fund Me account. The required $205 was raised within a day, and Thursday morning Nigel's Animal Rescue managed to get Boots out of the tree. He had been there over 24 hours by then. You can see video of the rescue operation here.

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