15 Geeky Items to Make Bathtime More Fun


Getting clean doesn’t have to be a chore! These products make sudsing up a ton more fun. 

1. BACON SOAP; $7  

What better way to start the day than with the smell of bacon? Don't be surprised if reaching for this bar of bacon-scented soap has you reaching for the real thing when you're done showering.

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These hand towels are perfect for any Star Wars loving couple. The front of the towels feature Leia and Han silhouettes with the iconic “I love you,” “I know” quotes; on the other side, you can find several of the Rebel Alliance insignias. 

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As the Second Doctor might tell you, the TARDIS is completely sterile. Let it share some of that cleanliness with you, via this soap on a rope. It even comes in a matching carrying case.

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If you wanted to make your shower completely Doctor Who-themed, you probably could. This shower rack hooks onto most showerheads and provides much needed shelf space for your shampoo and Electric Sonic Toothbrush.

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Checkmate! This is probably the cutest toothbrush holder on the market. When you slip your toothbrush in, the bristles become the horse’s mane. 

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Once you get out of the shower, suit up in a traditional Jedi robe and go fight the Empire. 

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Dry yourself off with this Gameboy (sorry, we mean “Beachboy”) towel. It looks like there’s a surfing game already loaded up, making it perfect for both bathrooms and beaches. 

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You can’t save the princess until you’re all clean! This robe makes you look just like Link, complete with a shield on the back. Unfortunately, it’s going to set you back some rupees

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This Darth Vader bath rug is the perfect thing to dry your feet on (take that, Sith lord!). The tufted rug is cotton and spot clean only.

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Perfect for vampire and pun lovers alike, this sack of body wash looks just like a blood bag. The cherry scented soap comes with a rope to hang it in your shower. 

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More correctly known as “Paleontology Soap,” this special soap comes with two plastic dinosaurs buried inside. The “earth” has different layers, just as the real earth does. Pumice is mixed into the bottom layer and bentonite clay is in the second layer, so the different layers wash away at different paces. 

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Mountain Dew and video games are a match made in heaven—or a college dorm, anyway. You can finally wash your hair with shampoo that smells just like the sugary soda. For added realism, it even comes with 530 mg of caffeine. Just don't mix it up with the real thing.

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At first glance, these might seem like Gameboy cartridges, but they’re actually soap. Each set comes with three bars modeled to look like Pokémon games: Red, Blue, and Yellow. Blue is cream soda, Red is energy citrus, and Yellow is cola.

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Next time you take a shower, keep your hair safe and dry while looking like a panda by donning this adorable shower cap. 

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Turn every shower into a video game with this special shower curtain. It has a transparent square to let the showerer become the star of the game. 

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Big Questions
Why Do Cats 'Blep'?

As pet owners are well aware, cats are inscrutable creatures. They hiss at bare walls. They invite petting and then answer with scratching ingratitude. Their eyes are wandering globes of murky motivations.

Sometimes, you may catch your cat staring off into the abyss with his or her tongue lolling out of their mouth. This cartoonish expression, which is atypical of a cat’s normally regal air, has been identified as a “blep” by internet cat photo connoisseurs. An example:

Cunning as they are, cats probably don’t have the self-awareness to realize how charming this is. So why do cats really blep?

In a piece for Inverse, cat consultant Amy Shojai expressed the belief that a blep could be associated with the Flehmen response, which describes the act of a cat “smelling” their environment with their tongue. As a cat pants with his or her mouth open, pheromones are collected and passed along to the vomeronasal organ on the roof of their mouth. This typically happens when cats want to learn more about other cats or intriguing scents, like your dirty socks.

While the Flehmen response might precede a blep, it is not precisely a blep. That involves the cat’s mouth being closed while the tongue hangs out listlessly.

Ingrid Johnson, a certified cat behavior consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants and the owner of Fundamentally Feline, tells Mental Floss that cat bleps may have several other plausible explanations. “It’s likely they don’t feel it or even realize they’re doing it,” she says. “One reason for that might be that they’re on medication that causes relaxation. Something for anxiety or stress or a muscle relaxer would do it.”

A photo of a cat sticking its tongue out

If the cat isn’t sedated and unfurling their tongue because they’re high, then it’s possible that an anatomic cause is behind a blep: Johnson says she’s seen several cats display their tongues after having teeth extracted for health reasons. “Canine teeth help keep the tongue in place, so this would be a more common behavior for cats missing teeth, particularly on the bottom.”

A blep might even be breed-specific. Persians, which have been bred to have flat faces, might dangle their tongues because they lack the real estate to store it. “I see it a lot with Persians because there’s just no room to tuck it back in,” Johnson says. A cat may also simply have a Gene Simmons-sized tongue that gets caught on their incisors during a grooming session, leading to repeated bleps.

Whatever the origin, bleps are generally no cause for concern unless they’re doing it on a regular basis. That could be sign of an oral problem with their gums or teeth, prompting an evaluation by a veterinarian. Otherwise, a blep can either be admired—or retracted with a gentle prod of the tongue (provided your cat puts up with that kind of nonsense). “They might put up with touching their tongue, or they may bite or swipe at you,” Johnson says. “It depends on the temperament of the cat.” Considering the possible wrath involved, it may be best to let them blep in peace.

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Afternoon Map
The Most Popular Infomercial Product in Each State

You don't have to pay $19.95 plus shipping and handling to discover the most popular infomercial product in each state: AT&T retailer All Home Connections is giving that information away for free via a handy map.

The map was compiled by cross-referencing the top-grossing infomercial products of all time with Google Trends search interest from the past calendar year. So, which crazy products do people order most from their TVs?

Folks in Arizona know that it's too hot there to wear layers; that's why they invest in the Cami Secret—a clip-on, mock top that gives them the look of a camisole without all the added fabric. No-nonsense New Yorkers are protecting themselves from identity theft with the RFID-blocking Aluma wallet. Delaware's priorities are all sorted out, because tons of its residents are still riding the Snuggie wave. Meanwhile, Vermont has figured out that Pajama Jeans are the way to go—because who needs real pants?

Unsurprisingly, the most popular product in many states has to do with fitness and weight loss, because when you're watching TV late enough to start seeing infomercials, you're probably also thinking to yourself: "I need to get my life together. I should get in shape." Seven states—Colorado, Idaho, Kentucky, Montana, Nebraska, Utah, and Wisconsin—have invested in the P90X home fitness system, while West Virginia and Arkansas prefer the gentler workout provided by the Shake Weight. The ThighMaster is still a thing in Illinois and Washington, while Total Gym and Bowflex were favored by South Dakota and Wyoming, respectively. 

Kitchen items are clearly another category ripe for impulse-buying: Alabama and North Dakota are all over the George Forman Grill; Alaska and Rhode Island are mixing things up with the Magic Bullet; and Floridians must be using their Slice-o-matics to chop up limes for their poolside margaritas.

Cleaning products like OxiClean (D.C. and Hawaii), Sani Sticks (North Carolina), and the infamous ShamWow (which claims the loyalty of Mainers) are also popular, but it's Proactiv that turned out to be the big winner. The beloved skin care system claimed the top spot in eight states—California, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Tennessee, and Texas—making it the most popular item on the map.

Peep the full map above, or check out the full study from All Home Connections here.


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