New App Teaches Users How to Survive Plane Crash

Plane crashes are very rare—in fact, Americans would need to take an average of one flight a day for 55,000 years before being involved in a fatal one, according to one MIT statistician—but it can't hurt to plan for one. Prepare for Impact, a new 3D mobile app, details what to do when something goes terribly wrong on a flight and how to survive a crash.

The app features several nightmarish in-flight scenarios, from minor incidents like runway overruns to extreme cases such as a fiery crash into water. It also includes instructions for how to handle in-flight decompression, unusable exits, and minor fires.

Researchers and engineers from the Human-Computer Interaction Lab at the University of Udine, Italy designed Prepare For Impact as a first-person decision-based simulator with consequences for every action you take. “People can familiarize themselves with aircraft emergencies by playing ‘what-if’ scenarios, choosing their own actions, and seeing their positive or negative consequences realistically depicted by a 3D game,” professor Luca Chittaro said in a press release.

Prepare For Impact is available for Android and iOS devices

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Header image via HCILabUdine.

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