This Poster Beautifully Details Humankind's Many Space Explorations

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Pop Chart Lab
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With all of NASA's recent (and historical) explorations and achievements, it's only natural that the visualization masters over at Pop Chart Lab would decide to make a poster dedicated to humankind's expeditions into the final frontier. This stunningly detailed poster catalogs all of them—from Luna 2 in 1959 to DSCOVR in 2015. There are over 100 exploratory devices featured, from orbiters to rovers to landers. The color-coded poster traces the path each craft took on its trip through space, weaving a delightful web. Planets, moons, asteroids, and even Pluto appear as points of interest for the cosmic explorers.

The work is beautifully hand-illustrated and comes in a "Pop Chart Lab Test Tube," which is essentially a transparent packing tube—perfect for when you need to store it but still want to gaze at its pretty contours. Pick one up for $38 here

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March 8, 2016 - 11:00pm
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