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Hidetoshi Ogata

Check Out 10 Stunning Images From the Smithsonian's 2015 Photo Contest

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Hidetoshi Ogata

Since 2003, the Smithsonian has been holding an annual contest for shutterbugs all over the world. This year, they received over 46,000 submissions from photographers from 168 countries and territories. The and Smithsonian magazine photo teams picked out their favorites, which you can see on their website. Fans are welcomed to pick their favorite for reader's choice, and the pictures are broken down into the following categories: The American Experience, Natural World, Travel, Sustainable Travel, People, Altered Images, and Mobile. You check out some of the collection here, or hop over to the Smithsonian to see more—and vote for your favorite.

1. "Under Pressure"

© Adam Taylor. All rights reserved.

2. "Spider Man"

© Adam Wong. All rights reserved.

3. "The Mausoleum"

© Andy Goodwin. All rights reserved.

4. "Sun Head"

© Geert Weggen. All rights reserved.

5. "A Little Monkey on the Cliff"

© Hidetoshi Ogata. All rights reserved.

6. "Pool Ball Knobstopper"

© Jamie Wright. All rights reserved.

7. "Mother and Child"

© Jian Wang. All rights reserved.

8. "Orient Express"

© Alice van Kempen. All rights reserved.

9. "Time Out"

© Manuel Martinez. All rights reserved.

10. "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag"

© Suzan Meldonian. All rights reserved.
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Check Out These Images of Last Night's Spectacular Harvest Moon
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Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Each year, a special moon comes calling around the autumnal equinox: the Harvest Moon. The Harvest Moon—the full moon that falls nearest to the equinox—rises near sunset for several days in a row, making early evenings extra-bright for a few days when farmers traditionally reveled in the extra-long twilight while harvesting their crops at the end of the summer season. And because the moon looks larger and more orange when it's near the horizon, it's particularly spectacular as it rises.

The Harvest Moon
Matt Cardy/Getty Images

October 5 marked 2017’s Harvest Moon, and you may have noticed an extra spectacular sky if you were looking up last night. It's rare for the Harvest Moon to come so late in the year: The last time it came in October was in 2009. (Last year's fell on September 16, 2016.) Here are a few luminous lunar pictures from the event, some of which make the moon look totally unreal:

And if you missed seeing the event yourself, don't worry too much: the moon will still look full for several days.

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Live Smarter
With Help From Photoshop and AI, No One Will Know You Blinked in That Photo
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After 15 minutes of posing for group photo after group photo, it looks like you’ve finally snapped the perfect one. Grandma is smiling, your nephew is sitting still, and even the dog is looking at the camera for once. Then, you find yourself in the corner: The shutter managed to capture the exact moment you blinked. Time to resume the positions.

With a new tool from Adobe, this scenario could become less common. Instead of retaking a picture every time someone closes their eyes, this feature would let you salvage the “ruined” photograph with a few clicks in Photoshop, Gizmodo reports.

The latest update of Photoshop Elements allows users to select the “Open Closed Eyes” option, choose which face in the photo they want to correct, and provide several additional photos of the subject with their eyes open. The software uses artificial intelligence to analyze each picture and determine which pair of peepers best matches the colors and lighting from the primary photograph. It then automatically pastes those eyes over the lids and blends them to make the addition look seamless.

Photoshop Elements (a simplified version of Adobe’s original image editor) offers many features that use AI algorithms to improve picture quality. Elements can automatically generate backgrounds when you move objects in a photo, suggest the best effects, and turn frowns into smiles. It even remembers the look you prefer and suggests personalized tone corrections. All of those capabilities and the new “Open Closed Eyes” tool are available today to customers who purchase Photoshop Elements 2018 for $100 (or upgrade their existing license for $80).

[h/t Gizmodo]


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