13 More Tea Infusers to Make Teatime More Exciting

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The next time you go for a cup of tea, set aside the bag and spice things up with an unusual steeper. These infusers are sure to turn some heads in the office.

1. SWORD; $10

Slay the afternoon lull with a cup of tea. This silicone infuser is shaped like a sword; you can hold on to the miniature hilt to mix the tea around.

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2. LEMON; $5

Not only will this citrus-mimicking infuser hide among the other lemons in your tea perfectly, it's also very easy to clean.

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3. OCTOPUS; $9

This little octopus appears to be inking into your mug, but don't worry: It's just tea. The little holes are on the bottom, making the infuser float and bob in the cup.

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4. GOLDFISH; $10


Turn your teapot into a fishbowl with this goldfish infuser. When you're done watching your little fish friend swim around, use the chain to pull him out.

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5. T-REX; $7

Lovers of tea, paleontology, and puns will love this "tea"-rex. Simply unscrew the dinosaur's head and fill its body with tea leaves. The unusual shape makes it a little hard to clean, but it might be worth it just for the wordplay. 

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6. SWAN; $2

These plastic swans are sure to make teatime more elegant. Although black and white swans are pictured, the buyer does not get to pick a color.

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7. BONES; $6


These Tea Bones are just the thing to warn co-workers that you're having a bad morning. When you're done making tea, the skull sits nicely on top of the crossed bones.

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8. AXE; $7

Want to feel like a warrior while steeping your tea? Get this stainless steel axe infuser. According to the description, the design is based on a Korean fairy tale about a woodcutter who drops his axe into a lake.

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9. WHALE; $8

Fill this adorable infuser by opening the tiny whale's mouth, then dunk the infuser in and out of your cup by holding onto the detachable water stream.

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This helpful device filters your tea leaves, covers the top of the cup to keep your tea hot, and provides a stern reminder to save the Earth (yes, you!). The silicon and stainless steel infuser comes with your choice of an adorable penguin or seal to watch over your drink.

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For drinking on the go, you can get one of these animal-themed infusers that fit into water bottles. Besides tea, you can also fill them with fruit or spices.

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12. CAT; $10

Cat lovers will be delighted by this silicone cat infuser that peeks over the top of their cup. 

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13. HIPPO; $12

If cats aren't your game, you can also have a hippo hang out on the side of your mug.

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February 24, 2016 - 2:00am
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