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Get Lost Inside a Dystopian L.A. Cake Maze

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If you’ve already got a sugar craving, don't visit Break Bread, an L.A. art gallery’s month-long cultural series. You’ll find yourself lost in a twisted Candyland filled with 7000 square feet of decadent, floor-to-ceiling artificial cake and ice cream. The six-room maze is a collaboration between artist Scott Hove (whose work was included in Banksy’s Dismaland) and watercolor painter Baker’s Son, as Smithsonian reports.

Cakeland, part of an ongoing series by Hove, is a funhouse maze of dystopian dessert. The delicious-looking acrylic confections are made out of everything from faux fruit to switchblades. It’s Hove’s largest version of the work in 11 years. The realistic-looking walls of torte explore “comfort, pleasure, celebration and their dark counterparts,” as Hove writes on his website.

"His acrylic frosted works draw our attention to the dualistic nature of every vice—we enjoy them, even find solace in them, but ultimately yield unsavory results,” the gallery, Think Tank, says of the work.

Between the cake walls and the ice cream truck filled with photorealistic watercolors by Baker’s Son, the gallery is one massive sugar high.

The exhibition runs until March 13 at Think Tank Gallery in Los Angeles. Admission is free during the day but prices vary for ticketed events during the evenings.

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All images courtesy Think Tank Gallery

100 Street Artists Turned This College Dorm in Paris Into a Graffiti Gallery

This summer, a college dorm in Paris received a colorful—albeit temporary—interior makeover after dozens of graffiti artists joined forces to adorn its walls, ceilings, and floors with collages, murals, and painted designs.

As My Modern Met reports, the artists spent three weeks painting the student residence at the Cité Internationale Universitaire as part of Rehab 2, an urban festival held from June 16 to July 16. The school will soon undergo renovations, so the artworks aren’t long for this world—but luckily for street art fans, pictures of the vibrant graffiti have been posted on social media for our prolonged enjoyment.

Check some of them out below:

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