Watch This Labyrinth Tribute From the Film's Youngest Actor

Following the death of David Bowie on January 10, fans all over the world have celebrated his legendary career in the most appropriate way possible: by watching and listening to his many works. In the U.K., Jim Henson's Labyrinth (1986) returned to theaters this week to honor the Goblin King and to raise money for Cancer Research UK. While fans of the film know a lot about Bowie and his co-star, Jennifer Connelly, they may be less familiar with what became of the film's youngest star.

Toby Froud, who played the MacGuffin at the center of the film (yep, he was also named Toby in the movie), is also the son of the film's costume/conceptual designer Brian Froud and puppet designer Wendy Froud. Now in his early 30s, Froud has entered into the family business and works as a puppet fabricator, with The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe (2005) and ParaNorman (2012) among his credits

On his Facebook page this week, Froud shared the above video from the set of Lessons Learned, a live-action puppet short film he wrote and directed, which was executive produced by Henson's daughter, Heather. In it, the crew pays tribute to the iconic "Magic Dance" scene from Labyrinth and lip syncs along.

In the caption of the post, Froud wrote the following tribute: "This week the world lost an amazing man, one that was so impactful on so many of our lives, the art he contributed to this world touches us all on so many levels, I wish I had been able to meet him as an adult. RIP David Bowie forever the Goblin King."

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