17 Movie Posters From a Reddit Fan Favorite

Among the many novelty reddit accounts, Your_Post_As_A_Movie stands out as a delight. On the subreddit r/pics (one of the default forums non-members see when they go to the main page), Your_Post_As_A_Movie selects photos or other images that users have posted to make into a fake movie poster. The pictures range from lovely landscapes to funny observations and even family snapshots, but with a eye for design and Photoshop skills, plus credits and an appropriate title, they get transformed into a feature film. And they appear seemingly instantly. Take a look at the poster he (or she) made for this article:

Oh, sure, it’s self-congratulatory, but aren’t all movie posters? After all, it’s a form of advertising. If you look at it full size, you’ll see, among the many credits to reddit, a small logo at the bottom right saying “created especially for mental_floss.”

1. EON

A nice photograph of an industrial site by Cheesedude666 became a dystopian future in the film EON. Notice the casting choices. That’s exactly who the producers of this movie would want.


A father captures a moment in his daughter’s life when the family visited an aquarium. That moment became the magical movie Night at the Aquarium. Redditor dopplerizer, who took the original photograph, immediately said he was going to hang the poster in his daughter’s room. What a treat!


A picture of New York City during Fleet Week last year was posted by the photographer’s brother, redditor manbear69. It’s a great picture, but more exciting as the alien invasion movie New York New York. The addition of Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum, and a lot of ominous smoke makes it an entirely different story. Note that in this, and every movie poster, the name of the redditor posting the picture can be found in the credits.


A funny picture of a cat wearing martial arts gear by kittypotter was funny enough on its own, especially with that facial expression. It’s even funnier as the movie The Karate Cat, presumably aimed at a younger audience.  The cat’s expression pegs him as the world-weary reluctant hero who rises to the occasion to dispense justice.      


DeviantART member Mygrapefruit took one of her photographs and dressed it up as an otherworldly scene. When it was posted to reddit last year, Your_Post_As_A_Movie devised the film Kuiper. I’d go see it.


A high-res photograph of a mouthwatering double cheeseburger with all the trimmings, presumably for advertising purposes, gets a documentary. And who better to produce You Are Fat than Morgan Spurlock, who gained fame with his 2004 documentary Super Size Me?  


Redditor current_rotations took a picture at Lollapalooza after festival attendees helped this fellow crowd-surf to the front of the stage. It’s a great picture, and Your_Post_As_A_Movie saw an inspiring biopic titled Days of Glory.


A movie poster can be quite intriguing even without the stars’ faces. We already know what they look like; what we really want to see is something we haven’t seen before. The original photograph of a bridge was so green and beautiful, it had to be the setting of a fairy tale. Nowhereland looks like it would be a great film, especially with two stars from Game of Thrones appearing in it.   


DonTago posted a colorful picture of a pine forest. It wasn’t the colors that interested Your_Post_As_A_Movie, but the shapes. In The Void, that forest became a dark and scary place featuring ghostly specters.


Just last week, Delosisland shared a photo of herself with a turtle that approached her on the beach. It looked like the premise of a buddy comedy, and Your_Post_As_A_Movie made it so


When a soothing .gif of a lake was posted, Your_Post_As_A_Movie turned it into an intriguing animated tease for the adventure film Journey's End.


Redditor phobos512 stood in the shadow and took a photo of the Washington Monument backlit by the sun. The flags contrast nicely with the dark obelisk. Your_Post_As_A_Movie was more impressed by the ominous look of the iconic monument, and went with a dark theme in Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Zombies. You can almost see our elected representatives fighting for the survival of their beloved country.   


A quartet of housemates took a group photo, and barbecuemeatgames shared it on reddit, noting how they “ended up looking like bad asses.” Not only that, but you can see the different “types” that would be cast in an ensemble crime film. Your_Post_As_A_Movie did a good job assembling the Hollywood stars for Assassin’s Club.


A striking aerial view of London and the Thames is the setting of a disaster flick in London Bridge. It’s a bridge, and it’s in London. Should it matter that the focus of the original photograph is Tower Bridge? When that was pointed out, Your_Post_As_A_Movie worked quickly to make it work as London’s Bridges, plural, with all the bridges being blown up. Any time Your_Post_As_A_Movie has to make a quick correction, it is presented as the “director’s cut.”  


The art used doesn’t have to be a photograph. SirJediPanda showed us a drawing he did during a boring class, which turned the lecture into a lesson on building a Death Star. It became an educational film titled, appropriately enough, How to Build Your Own Deathstar (Episode One).  

16. 1911

Redditor photojacker colors photographs at Dynamichrome. He presented a colorized version of a picture Herbert Ponting took in Antarctica in 1911 during the Terra Nova expedition. It became a historical drama called 1911.


Photographer markbleeblu shared a portrait he took using the reflective power of water. The subject bears a remarkable resemblance to Kiera Knightly in the picture, so she was cast as the star of the movie My Other Me. Turned on its side, the portrait became an eerie cinematic special effect.  

All images via imgur courtesy of Your_Post_As_A_Movie.

Guillaume Souvant, Getty Images
This Just In
For $61, You Can Become a Co-Owner of This 13th-Century French Castle
Guillaume Souvant, Getty Images
Guillaume Souvant, Getty Images

A cultural heritage restoration site recently invited people to buy a French castle for as little as $61. The only catch? You'll be co-owning it with thousands of other donors. Now thousands of shareholders are responsible for the fate of the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers in western France, and there's still room for more people to participate.

According to Mashable, the dilapidated structure has a rich history. Since its construction in the 13th century, the castle has been invaded by foreign forces, looted, renovated, and devastated by a fire. Friends of Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, a small foundation formed in 2016 in an effort to conserve the overgrown property, want to see the castle restored to its former glory.

Thanks to a crowdfunding collaboration with the cultural heritage restoration platform Dartagnans, the group is closer than ever to realizing its mission. More than 9000 web users have contributed €51 ($61) or more to the campaign to “adopt” Mothe-Chandeniers. Now that the original €500,000 goal has been fulfilled, the property’s new owners are responsible for deciding what to do with their purchase.

“We intend to create a dedicated platform that will allow each owner to monitor the progress of works, events, project proposals and build a real collaborative and participatory project,” the campaign page reads. “To make an abandoned ruin a collective work is the best way to protect it over time.”

Even though the initial goal has been met, Dartagnans will continue accepting funds for the project through December 25. Money collected between now and then will be used to pay for various fees related to the purchase of the site, and new donors will be added to the growing list of owners.

The shareholders will be among the first to see the cleared-out site during an initial visit next spring. The rest of the public will have to wait until it’s fully restored to see the final product.

[h/t Mashable]

The Plugin That Keeps the Internet From Spoiling Santa Claus

During simpler times, the biggest threat to a child's belief in Santa was usually older siblings or big-mouthed classmates. Today, kids have access to an entire world wide web, full of potentially Santa-spoiling content. Luckily, there's a plugin that helps parents maintain their kids’ innocence through the holidays.

Created by the virtual private network provider Hide My Ass (HMA), the free software analyzes web activity for any information that might threaten to “bring a child’s belief in Santa crashing down.” In place of the problematic content, the plugin brings up an image of the jolly man himself. Typing the phrase “Santa is not real” into Google, for example, will instead take you to a web page showing nothing but a soft-focused St. Nick pointing into the camera and staring at you with judgmental eyes. The plugin is also designed to work for social media communications, internet ads, and articles like this one.

Hide My Ass

According to a survey of 2036 parents by HMA, one in eight children in the U.S. have their belief in Santa ruined online. Whether it's because of the internet or other related factors, the age that children stop believing in Santa is lower than ever.

The average age that current parents lost their faith in Santa Claus was 8.7 years old, and for today’s kids it’s 7.25 years. Concerned parents can download the plugin for Chrome here, though it may not be enough to hide every type of Santa spoiler: Of the parents who blamed the internet, 26 percent of them reported kids snooping over their shoulder as they shopped for gifts online.


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