Listen to the Musical Stylings of a Toy Piano Virtuoso

Virtuoso Margaret Leng Tan is well-known and widely regarded for her unconventional music stylings—and for her unusual medium.

“I'm the first woman to graduate with a doctorate from Juilliard and now I play the toy piano. Life works in mysterious ways,” Tan says in the video interview above from Great Big Story.

Tan even performs concerts using the tiny instruments of your childhood. By her own account, she’s transformed the toy piano into a real instrument and managed to win over the skeptics in the process.

“It’s a bit like going down the rabbit hole and taking your audience with you, way back down this avenue to your childhood days,” she says.

As for exactly how one becomes a toy piano master? Practice, practice, practice "every bit as hard as you would on a real piano," she adds.

Check out more of Margaret Leng Tan’s music on Spotify and watch her performances on YouTube.

Banner image via YouTube.

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