15 Cool and Unusual Candles


Candles are a great way to add some ambiance to any room—especially when that candle smells like pizza. The next time you're planning a special evening, with yourself or someone else, consider these options.

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watermelon candle

These handpainted candles come in a variety of shapes like lemons, kiwis, and watermelon slices.

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Icelandic designer Brynjar Sigurðarson's creations have a message behind them: global warming can only be ignored for so long. Just like real icebergs, these wax designs melt when you light them. Choose from five different shapes.

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These tapers look ordinary enough—until you strike a match, that is. Once these ombré candles begin to burn, their sides curl and fold over, creating whimsical, eyecatching designs.

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If fresh pine isn’t your thing, may we suggest nacho cheese? The Stinky Candle Company specializes in candles boasting unorthodox odors. Choose from scents like chlorine, garlic, skunk, and potting soil. While we don’t recommend the fart or skunk candles, the money candle definitely has some potential.

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The magic to these candles is the ceramic holder. The candles—shaped like a brain, antlers, and bunny ears—fit snugly into a skull, deer, and rabbit holder, respectively. When the colored wax starts to melt, it oozes through the eyeholes of the holder, making it look as though the figurine is crying. The Kickstarter campaign for these creepy-but-cool candles is over, but keep an eye on the designers' page for updates about availability.


Perfect for curling up with a good book: Candles with scents based on classic works of literature. Pick from “Sherlock’s Study,” “Winterfell,” or “Gatsby’s Mansion.” Or channel the smell of your favorite collection with “Old Books” and “Trashy Romance Novel.”

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These geometric cat candles hold a (slightly morbid) surprise inside. Once lit, a skeleton cat emerges, which almost makes you feel bad for setting it on fire in the first place. If the cat's not your style, the candle also comes in bird and deer form.

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The packaging on these punny candles, which come shaped like Roman numerals, promises they'll help you party like it's MCMXCIX.

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These realistic cacti candles might fool your friends—until you light them. The wax candles come in sets of six.

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Here’s another unusually-scented candle for your enjoyment. Created by Man Cans, this candle smells just like New York-style pizza. As the name implies, it comes in a metal can. Fancy!

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This candle smells like a blooming garden filled with poppies and sunflowers. If the floral candle makes you long for the real deal, simply soak the seed-infused box in water and plant it in the ground. 

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You may know that Katz’s Deli has its own beer, but did you know it sells a candle, too? Made in Brooklyn, these wax creations evoke the restaurant’s famous chocolate egg creams. Light one and be transported to NYC's Lower East Side, no matter how far away you actually are.

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The next best thing to a real fireplace? These candles, which boast wooden wicks that crackle as though you'd thrown another log on the pile. The candles comes in three cozy scents: Sweater Weather, Mulled Cider, and Snow Day.

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14. 60-HOUR CANDLE  

This long-lasting candle features a coiled design, which promises 60 hours of burn time. Simply pull the candle through the clip to burn more.

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If the skeleton cat and the weeping skull weren't creepy enough, consider one of these hyper-realistic candles molded to look like ears and mouths. Not our personal idea of tranquility, but hey: to each their own!

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Welcome to the Party, Pal: A Die Hard Board Game is Coming

Win McNamee, Getty Images
Win McNamee, Getty Images

On the heels of the 30th anniversary of the classic Bruce Willis action film Die Hard last year, tabletop board game company The OP has announced that John McClane will once again battle his way through Nakatomi Plaza. Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist is a board game officially licensed by Fox Consumer Products that will drop players into a setting familiar to anyone who has seen the film: As New York cop McClane tries to reconcile with his estranged wife, he must navigate a team of cutthroat thieves set on overtaking a Los Angeles high-rise.

The box art for the 'Die Hard: The Nakatomi Heist' board game is pictured
The OP

The game is expected to have a one-against-many format, with one player assuming the role of McClane and the other players conspiring as the thieves to eliminate him from the Plaza.

The OP, also known as USAOpoly, has previously created games based on Avengers: Infinity War and the Harry Potter franchise. Die Hard has spawned four sequels, the latest being 2013’s A Good Day to Die Hard. Willis will likely return as McClane for a sixth installment that will alternate between the present day and his rookie years in the NYPD. That film has no release date set.

The board game is expected to arrive this spring.

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Disney’s Steamboat Willie Has Been Immortalized in LEGO


Mickey Mouse recently turned 90 years old, and soon, you’ll be able to celebrate with LEGO. Steamboat Willie, the classic Disney short film that introduced Mickey Mouse to the world in 1928, has now been recreated in a LEGO set that will be released on April 1.

The 751-piece LEGO version of the S.S. Willie features grayscale bricks that recreate the original black-and-white aesthetic of the original film. The 10-inch-long LEGO boat features moving steam pipes and paddle wheels and comes with new Mickey and Minnie minifigures. It’s also equipped with a ship’s wheel, a life buoy, a buildable bell, and a working crane that can lift the vessel’s potato-bin cargo.

LEGO's Steamboat Willie set

The Steamboat Willie set was born out of the company’s fan-generated LEGO Ideas initiative several years ago. Creator Máté Szabó submitted the idea to LEGO in June 2016, then LEGO designers John Ho and Crystal Marie Fontan worked to adapt the set for retail sale, creating decorative elements and the new Mickey and Minnie Mouse minifigures.

LEGO's Steamboat Willie set

Buy the kit on the LEGO Store website for $90 starting April 1. If you can't wait to get your LEGO fix, check out the company's other Mickey Mouse-themed products here.