16 Unofficial LEGO Minifigs You Can Buy

Despite pressure from fans and the series' stars, LEGO will not be making an X-Files kit. But the reboot is fast approaching and X-philes are looking for the minifigs to celebrate the release. Luckily, there are unofficial pieces available on minifigures.com to fill the void. Of course, these are unofficial and unlicensed, so you’ll have to call the characters Agent Mully and Agent Sculder to avoid lawyers breaking down your door mid-LEGO-reenactment.  

Now that your X-Files crisis has been averted, what about all your other favorite pop culture characters? There are a number of websites that will provide you with all your favorite television and movie characters. Since they’re made with repurposed LEGO elements, they will work with your existing collection. Here’s a sampling of what’s available: 


LEGO will likely never make Game of Thrones characters because of the mature content, but at least we can have Dragon Sword Fighter Force. This eclectic group of copyright-safe doppelgangers comes with weapons, tools, and a wine goblet. Unfortunately, there are no tiny LEGO dragons, but it does come with a tugboat captain named Sir Typesalot. 


This is the perfect minifig to bless all your new creations. 


The Albuquerque Action Squad features a mild mannered chemistry teacher, loveable meth dealer, and hard-boiled DEA agent. Who knows what adventures this trio could get up to? Build your own meth empire, catch a hardened criminal, or maybe just teach a high school class—it’s all in your hands. 


Halloween can’t happen without the Pumpkin King, so make sure he’s present for your next building session. Jack comes with an interchangeable pumpkin head, and fortunately no Santa hat. 


Take this minifig on a journey through New York City, then maybe to get a quick slice of pizza before performing a set at the local comedy club. 


Get your droogs together to play with this scarily accurate Alex DeLarge.


This very presidential minifig will look great in your brick White House. There’s even a tiny American flag pin on the lapel, so any Republican minifigs looking for trouble will have to look elsewhere.


Building and running a model hotel is hard work, so you’re going to need all the help you can get. Consider hiring the characters from the Grand Budapest Hotel for hijinks and quality service in equal measures. 


The gang's all here


Dr. Anatomini is the perfect addition for any classroom, hospital, or haunted house. 


LEGO has an official Frozen castle set, but the characters are not in the traditional minifig shape. If you’re looking for something a little less curvy and a little more geometric, these Ice Queen and Ice Princess pieces are for you. 

12. WALL-E 

Everyone’s favorite robot couple is now in LEGO form. 


Now you can really utilize your monochrome LEGO pieces with this Charlie Chaplin figure. Just be careful where you perform your unauthorized imitations


David Bowie has many looks, but right now the only one you can get in minifig form is the Aladdin Sane style. 

15. E.T. 

You don’t need a VHS player to enjoy this E.T., but it's always good to have a steady supply of Reese’s Pieces.


Relive all your favorite moments from Britain’s royal family, from the Queen’s Jubilee to the royal wedding, to the announcement of Prince George. You can also have a ball with Princes Charles, Philip, and Henry, or the Duchess Camilla. 

Vivian Abagiu, University of Texas at Austin
This LEGO Box Could Be Key to Detecting Deadly Nerve Gas
Vivian Abagiu, University of Texas at Austin
Vivian Abagiu, University of Texas at Austin

Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a new way to detect deadly nerve gases, and it involves LEGO.

The new detection device, described in a study published in the journal ACS Central Science, uses chemical sensors, a box made out of LEGO bricks, and a cell phone to identify the presence of odorless, tasteless nerve agents like VX and sarin.

Chemical weapons like sarin are extremely dangerous—even at low concentrations, a direct whiff of sarin can kill you in just minutes. So being able to identify them in the field is vital, and it has to be done fast.

The chemical-identifying sensors, developed by UT Austin chemist Xiaolong Sun and his colleagues, fluoresce in different colors and brightnesses to indicate which nerve agents are present in the air, and in what concentrations. Unfortunately, depending on where these tests are taking place, it’s not always easy to see how bright the fluorescent glow is. Expensive equipment designed to detect these changes in the lab just isn’t feasible on the battlefield or in a war-torn region.

An open black LEGO box sits in the lab in front of a chemical test plate.
Vivian Abagiu, University of Texas at Austin

The 320-brick LEGO structure, meanwhile, is portable and quick to assemble. It acts as a black box that blocks out light around the sensors. The top of the box has a hole in it, over which the user places a smartphone’s camera lens. Using a standard lab test plate and a UV light inside the box, the fluorescent changes can be photographed with the phone and analyzed with UT Austin's free software to determine what type and concentration of nerve agents are present in the sample.

While 3D printing could produce a cheap equivalent of the LEGO box, the toy bricks may be more accessible. Not everyone has access to a 3D printer or the same printing materials as researchers might use in the lab—but LEGOs are available across the world for a relatively low price. The software necessary to analyze the samples is available for free on GitHub, and the researchers include the LEGO assembly directions within their study.

Build Your Own Harry Potter Characters With LEGO's New BrickHeadz Set

Harry Potter is looking pretty square these days. In a testament to the enduring appeal of the boy—and the franchise—who lived, LEGO has launched a line of Harry Potter BrickHeadz.

The gang’s all here in this latest collection, which was recently revealed during the toymaker’s Fall 2018 preview in New York City. Other highlights of that show included LEGO renderings of characters from Star Wars, Incredibles 2, and several Disney films, according to Inside The Magic.

The Harry Potter BrickHeadz collection will be released in July and includes figurines of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, and even Hedwig. Some will be sold individually, while others come as a set.

A Ron Weasley figurine

A Hermione figurine

A Dumbledore figurine

Harry Potter fans can also look forward to a four-story, 878-piece LEGO model of the Hogwarts Great Hall, which will be available for purchase August 1. Sets depicting the Whomping Willow, Hogwarts Express, and a quidditch match will hit shelves that same day.

[h/t Inside The Magic]


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