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Perfect Choice

Smart Casket Design Keeps Corpses Connected to Social Media

Perfect Choice
Perfect Choice

What happens to someone's social media presence after they die is a question that the world has been grappling with for a number of years now. Platforms like Facebook give users the option to designate "legacy contacts" so their loved ones can close their accounts after they're gone. But, according to some in the funeral business, we won't need to delete profiles in the future...because coffins will link the deceased with the outside world. Sort of.

Perfect Choice

UK-based funeral plan provider Perfect Choice has created digital mockups to illustrate their prediction that the industry will soon see a trend towards "smart" caskets honoring the dead in the most 21st-century way imaginable. The concept features color-changing LEDs and an LCD screen on the lid to display tributes from social media for funeral-goers to read. The concept also features external speakers that can be used to "project a eulogy or play music." Past concept coffins have included internal speakers and a monitor on the headstone so that visitors to the grave can play music from the dead person's Spotify, a feature that the Perfect Choice design lacks.

"We recently carried out some research into the rise in the use of technology at UK funerals and thought it would be interesting to see how different elements could be incorporated to modernize funerals," Emma Simpson of Perfect Choice told the Daily Mail. "We were surprised by the amount of people posting photos of their funeral attendance on Facebook. Social media has become such a big part of people’s lives … we wanted to combine funerals, technology and social media to produce a proto-type coffin and this is what we came up with."

Perfect Choice admits that the trend may be "a long way off or it may never happen." Which means for now, you'll have to pay your respects the old-fashioned way—by sending a status update into the ether.

A Florida Brewery Created Edible Six-Pack Rings to Protect Marine Animals

For tiny scraps of plastic, six-pack rings can pose a huge threat to marine life. Small enough and ubiquitous enough that they’re easy to discard and forget about, the little plastic webs all too often make their way to the ocean, where animals can ingest or become trapped in them. In order to combat that problem, Florida-based Saltwater Brewery has created what they say is the world’s first fully biodegradable, compostable, edible six-pack rings.

The edible rings are made of barley and wheat and are, if not necessarily tasty, at least safe for animals and humans to ingest. Saltwater Brewery started packaging their beers with the edible six-pack rings in 2016. They charge slightly more for their brews to offset the cost of the rings' production. They hope that customers will be willing to pay a bit more for the environmentally friendly beers and are encouraging other companies to adopt the edible six-pack rings in order to lower manufacturing prices and save more animals.

As Saltwater Brewery president Chris Gove says in the video above: “We want to influence the big guys and kind of inspire them to also get on board.”

When Chuck Yeager Tweeted Details About His Historic, Sound Barrier-Breaking Flight

Seventy years ago today—on October 14, 1947—Charles Elwood Yeager became the first person to travel faster than the speed of sound. The Air Force pilot broke the sound barrier in an experimental X-1 rocket plane (nicknamed “Glamorous Glennis”) over a California dry lake at an altitude of 25,000 feet.

In 2015, the nonagenarian posted a few details on Twitter surrounding the anniversary of the achievement, giving amazing insight into the history-making flight.

For even more on the historic ride, check out the video below.


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