See the Lines of the NYC Subway Paired With an Aerial View

For as much time as a New Yorker spends on the subway, the labyrinth of underground tunnels can often feel disconnected from the landscape above. The point-to-point nature of the subterranean transportation system just doesn’t quite lend itself to the wide-ranging and colorful world of interlocking streets, landmarks, parks, and your favorite destination bagel shop.

Turns out, pairing the lines of the NYC subway with the city above is as easy as putting one on top of the other. Tumblr user Arnorrian overlayed the color-coordinated subway lines (including the PATH and NJ Transit Lines, the 7 line extension, the first phase of the Second Avenue subway and the East Side Access) with aerial photos to create an image that marries simple data visualization with the complexity of the real world. It’s both beautiful and illuminating—particularly since transit maps are often distorted for ease of use.

An additional version of the mashup contains greater swaths of New Jersey and Brooklyn.

For even more gorgeously-rendered subway data, visit Arnorrian’s blog.

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Afternoon Map
The Most Popular Christmas Candy in Each State, Mapped

For those who didn’t get their full candy fix last Halloween, the holiday season provides plenty of opportunities to indulge. From candy canes to chocolate Santas, there’s something for everyone—but before splurging on sweet stocking stuffers, check out the interactive map below. Created by bulk candy retailer, it breaks down the top three favorite candies in each state.

To determine which Christmas treats were the most popular, the team at surveyed over 50,000 customers and spoke with major candy manufacturers and distributors. Not surprisingly, candy canes were a hit in numerous states, including Washington, Delaware, Vermont, Georgia, Maine, Pennsylvania, and New Hampshire. California, Nevada, West Virginia, and Kansas residents, however, got into the seasonal spirit with peppermint bark. North Dakota residents preferred chocolate Santas. And Alabama, Michigan, and Utah liked Jelly Belly’s Reindeer Corn.

Christmas candy sales in America are projected to rake in nearly $2 billion for confectioners, according to an estimate provided by the National Confectionary Association. Spend your holiday bonus wisely on treats everyone will appreciate by checking out’s full results below.


This Crowdsourced Map Catalogs the World’s Vinyl Record Stores

The experience of walking into a brick-and-mortar record store and browsing music by hand may seem like a relic of the past. But there are thousands of places around the world where it's still possible—check out this crowd-sourced map from VinylHub for proof.

According to a blog post on VinylHub’s sister site Discogs, the goal of the project is to eventually catalogue every record store on Earth. Community members have already added over 6500 locations to the Google-generated map, and that number continues to grow.

If you’re planning to take a vinyl-themed road trip based on this map, the U.S. is the place to travel. The country is home to nearly 1500 record stores according to the map, more than anywhere else in the world. But if you’re limiting yourself to just one city, head to Tokyo, where you’ll find at least 93 vinyl shops within city limits.

Map of all the record stores in America.

Map of record stores in Tokyo.

If you don't see your go-to record store on the map, register with Discogs to make a submission.


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