9 Movie Theater Snacks From Around the World


All over the world, people head to their local movie theaters for a welcome respite from reality. Before settling into their seats, of course, they swing by the concession stand to stock up on snacks for the adventures that await them. But not everyone's munching on popcorn and candy during screenings. Here are just a few of the go-to snacks moviegoers around the world reach for.

1. Iwashi Senbei

Theater patrons in Japan crunch on iwashi senbei, or dried sardines. The small fish are baked whole in soy sauce and sugar, and topped with sesame seeds, giving the sardines a sweet and savory umami flavor. 

2. Roasted Ants

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Looking for a crunchy alternative to popcorn? At the movies in Colombia, people munch on roasted ants known as hormiga culona. The snack is eaten like a peanut and is considered an aphrodisiac—just in case you're looking to send a certain message to your date. 

3. Dried Reindeer Meat

There's a fitting snack option for audiences at the drive-in theater for snowmobiles in Kautokeino, Norway: low-fat, protein-rich dried reindeer meat.

4. Souvlaki

Traditional lamb or beef souvlaki, a street food staple, can be purchased at some of Greece's beloved outdoor cinemas. 

5. Dried Cuttlefish

At South Korean concession stands, meaty, savory dried cuttlefish stands in for popcorn. (The chewy snack is incredibly popular in other Asian countries, too.) Another favorite at Korean theaters: roasted chestnuts.  

6. Salty Licorice

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Salty licorice is a popular confection at cinemas across the Netherlands. While licorice in the United States is sweet, the Dutch like the treat salted with ammonium chloride, which gives the candy a "tongue-numbing” sensation. 

7. Dried Salted Plums

Many movie theaters in China serve dried salted plums, which are dehydrated, heavily pickled, and salted to give the fruit a tart taste. Sunflower seeds, dried shredded squid, kimchi, prunes, and coconut juice are also concession stand go-tos in Chinese cinemas. 

8. Bajan Fish Cakes

Bajan fish cakes (also known as fish balls) are a common street food in Barbados. Made from freshly caught flying fish, Bajan fish cakes are served as a snack at many open-air movie theaters throughout the island. Looking for something to quench your thirst? Pick up a bottle of Banks Beer, a local brew, or a rum-based beverage. 

9. Crispy Samosas

In India, moviegoers can tuck into samosas while watching the very best Bollywood has to offer. If you can't make it to South Asia, some Bollywood theaters in the United States also serve crispy samosas, along with standard American movie fare. Also popular at Indian theaters: Chutney and cheese sandwiches and vada pav, potato fritters in a bread bun.

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The House From The Money Pit Is For Sale

Looking for star-studded new digs? For a cool $5.9 million, reports, you can own the Long Island country home featured in the 1986 comedy The Money Pit—no renovations required.

For the uninitiated, the film features Tom Hanks and Shelley Long as hapless first-time homeowners who purchase a rundown mansion for cheap. The savings they score end up being paltry compared to the debt they incur while trying to fix up the house.

The Money Pit featured exterior shots of "Northway," an eight-bedroom estate located in the village of Lattingtown in Nassau County, New York. Luckily for potential buyers, its insides are far nicer than the fictional ones portrayed in the movie, thanks in part to extensive renovations performed by the property’s current owners.

Amenities include a giant master suite with a French-style dressing room, eight fireplaces, a "wine wall," and a heated outdoor saltwater pool. Check out some photos below, or view the entire listing here.

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in 1986's “The Money Pit”

The real-life Long Island home featured in 1986's “The Money Pit”


DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
The Dark Knight Is Returning to Theaters, Just Ahead of 10th Anniversary
DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
DC Comics, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Believe it or not, July 18 will mark the 10th anniversary of the release of The Dark Knight, the second entry in Christopher Nolan’s game-changing superhero movie trilogy. To mark the occasion, Showcase Cinemas—the movie theater chain behind the Cinema de Lux experience—is bringing the movie back to select theaters on the east coast for limited screenings on February 8 and February 11, /Film reports.

Many people consider The Dark Knight the best film in the Batman franchise (Tim Burton and LEGO-fied movies included). The film currently holds a 94 percent “fresh” rating with both critics and audiences on Rotten Tomatoes, making it the highest-rated movie in the Batman universe.

Much of the film’s acclaim came from Heath Ledger’s brilliant turn as The Joker—a role that won him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar (making him the only actor to win that award posthumously). Even Michael Caine, who plays Bruce Wayne’s ever-dutiful butler and BFF Alfred, admitted that he wasn’t sold on the idea of bringing The Joker back into Batman’s cinematic universe, after the character was so ably played by Jack Nicholson in Burton’s 1989 film, until he found out Ledger would be taking the role.

“You don’t try and top Jack,” was Caine’s original thought. But when Nolan informed the actor that he was casting Ledger, that changed things. “I thought: ‘Now that’s the one guy that could do it!’ My confidence came back,” Caine told Empire Magazine.

To find out if The Dark Knight is playing at a theater near you, visit Showcase Cinemas’s website. If it’s not, don’t despair: With the official anniversary still six months away, other theaters are bound to have the same idea.

[h/t: /Film]


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