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9 Great Wedding Venues For Science Lovers

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A wedding is a joyous occasion, and the right venue can keep your guests happy and entertained. For the more scientifically minded, a reception in a museum or zoo might be just the thing.

1. American Museum of Natural History 

What could be more romantic than getting married under the whale at the Museum of Natural History? The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life can accommodate over 3,000 guests and offers in-house catering. For added entertainment, the museum offers an exclusive screening of an IMAX film in the LeFrak Theater or a Space Show in the Hayden Planetarium. You can also plunder the gift store for party favors and centerpieces.

2. Boston Museum of Science

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Ever want to dine right next to a dinosaur? At the Boston Museum of Science, you can surround yourself with exhibits, or walk onto the balcony and enjoy the Boston and Cambridge skylines. The museum offers Wolfgang Puck catering and breathtaking sights. Larger parties have the option to rent out the entire museum.

3. MIT Chapel 

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This chapel, located on MIT’s campus, looks like something out of The Jetsons. Designed by Eero Saarinen, the structure is windowless and cylindrical. In the center, a skylight shines sunlight through a shimmering metal sculpture made by Harry Bertoia. Couples standing near it look like they are being abducted by a very beautiful alien spaceship. 

4. Adventure Aquarium 

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Adventure Aquarium in Camden, New Jersey offers two locations within their park for weddings. Aptly named Currents Ballroom and Ocean Realm Gallery, these beautiful rooms offer aquatic views while you say your vows.  

5. Bronx Zoo 

The Bronx Zoo is the perfect location for animal lovers who wouldn't mind having a peacock walk through their ceremony. The zoo offers two locations to choose from: The Schiff Family Great Hall (which can hold 200 guests) or the Congo Gorilla Forest (which can accommodate 80 guests). Your guests can enjoy cocktails while ogling lemurs and Nile crocodiles. Even better, your wedding can help animals in need—all proceeds go to the Wildlife Conservation Society.

6. Franklin Institute 

The Franklin Institute offers wedding guests the chance to be surrounded by Philadelphia history and science. The bride and groom can say their vows on the rooftop, with a clear view of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway, and the reception features interactive exhibits and dancing under the stars of the planetarium. 

7. Adler Planetarium 

The Adler Planetarium offers many locations within its walls to hold your wedding, but nothing can beat the breathtaking view at Café Galileo's. The space provides guests with a panoramic look at the Chicago skyline thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows. 

8. California Academy of Sciences

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The academy has a number of rooms to tie the knot in. You can get married under the stars in the planetarium, next to penguins in the Africa Hall, or shrouded in blue light in the Steinhart Aquarium. Docents on staff can walk guests through the exhibit and explain what they’re seeing. Depending on availability, they can also bring out snakes and lizards to the floor. Holding your wedding at the academy comes with a complimentary one-year membership.

9. Botanic Gardens 

The Brooklyn Botanic Garden offers couples two options for venues: The Palm House or the Atrium. The iconic glass enclosure of the Palm House offers the perfect backdrop for a wedding, while the atrium has a bit more space and an outdoor terrace. 
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This Harry Potter Candle Melts to Reveal Your Hogwarts House—and Smells Amazing
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Warner Bros.

As it gets darker and colder outside, the thought of lighting a candle in your room and curling up with a good book becomes more appealing. A sorting hat candle from the Muggle Library Candles Etsy store makes the perfect companion to whatever Harry Potter book you happen to be re-reading for the hundredth time this season. According to the Cleveland news outlet WKYC, the candle slowly reveals your Hogwarts house as it burns.

From the outside, the item looks like a normal white candle. But when lit, the outer layer of plain wax melts away, allowing the colorful interior to poke through. The candles come in one of four concealed colors: red for Gryffindor, blue for Ravenclaw, yellow for Hufflepuff, and green for Slytherin. The only way to know which house you’re destined to match with is by purchasing a candle and putting it to use. According to the label, the scent evokes “excitement, fear, and nervousness.” The smell can also be described as lemon with sandalwood, vanilla, and patchouli.

Due to its viral popularity, the Fort Worth, Texas-based Etsy store has put all orders on hold while working to get its current batch of shipments out to customers. You can follow Muggle Library Candles on Instagram for updates on the sorting candle, as well as other Harry Potter-themed candles in their repertoire, like parseltongue and free elf.

[h/t WKYC]

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Pop Culture
5 Killer Pieces of Rock History Up for Auction Now (Including Prince’s Guitar)
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Karrah Kobus/NPG Records via Getty Images

If you’ve ever wanted to own a piece of rock history, now is the time. A whole host of cool music memorabilia from the 20th century is going up for sale through Julien’s Auctions in Los Angeles as part of its “Icons and Idols” sale. If you’ve got the dough, you can nab everything from leather chairs from Graceland to a shirt worn by Jimi Hendrix to never-before-available prints that Joni Mitchell signed and gave to her friends. Here are five highlights from the auction:


Elvis’s nunchucks
Courtesy Julien's Auctions

Elvis’s karate skills sometimes get a bad rap, but the King earned his first black belt in 1960, and went on to become a seventh-degree black belt before opening his own studio in 1974. You can cherish a piece of his martial arts legacy in the form of his nunchaku. One was broken during his training, but the other is still in ready-to-use shape. (But please don’t use it.) It seems Elvis wasn’t super convinced of his own karate skills, though, because he also supposedly carried a police baton (which you can also buy) for his personal protection.


A blue guitar used by Prince
Courtesy Julien's Auctions

Prince’s blue Cloud guitar, estimated to be worth between $60,000 and $80,000, appeared on stage with him in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The custom guitar was made just for Prince by Cloud’s luthier (as in, guitar maker) Andy Beech. The artist first sold it at a 1994 auction to benefit relief efforts for the L.A. area’s devastating Northridge earthquake.


Kurt Cobain wearing a cheerleader outfit in the pages of Rolling Stone
Courtesy Julien's Auctions

The Nirvana frontman wore the bright-yellow cheerleader’s uniform from his alma mater, J.M. Weatherwax High School in Aberdeen, Washington, during a photo shoot for a January 1994 issue of Rolling Stone, released just a few months before his death.


A white glove covered in rhinestones
Courtesy Julien's Auctions

A young Michael Jackson wore this bejeweled right-hand glove on his 1981 Triumph Tour, one of the first of many single gloves he would don over the course of his career. Unlike later incarnations, this one isn’t a custom-made glove with hand-sewn crystals, but a regular glove topped with a layer of rhinestones cut into the shape of the glove and sewn on top.

The auction house is also selling a pair of jeans the star wore to his 2003 birthday party, as well as other clothes he wore for music videos and performances.


A piece of wood in a frame under a picture of The Beatles
Courtesy Julien's Auctions

You can’t walk the halls of Abbey Road Studios, but you can pretend. First sold in 1986, the piece of wood in this frame reportedly came from Studio Two, a recording space that hosted not only The Beatles (pictured), but Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Eric Clapton, and others.


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