14 Awesome Instagrams All Science Buffs Should Follow

These science-y Instagrams are the perfect thing to add new life to your feed. 

1. Scott Kelly 

During his State of the Union address, President Obama told Captain Scott Kelly to Instagram his trip to space—so Kelly has been doing just that. The astronaut has been snapping some gorgeous pictures from the ISS. Thanks Obama! 

2. Bipolaire61

If you love penguins and palm trees, then this is the account for you. 

3. Georgia Aquarium 

This Atlanta-based institution has the largest aquarium in the western hemisphere (they have whale sharks!). Follow them for a healthy dose of sharks, beluga whales, and more penguins. 

4. Science Museum

The London Science Museum provides snapshots of all their exhibits and updates on what’s new. Even if you can’t visit, the account will help you get there in spirit.

5.  Popular Science 

PopSci’s Instagram account gives followers a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to work for the publication.

6. The Bronx Zoo

Follow the Bronx Zoo for stunning animal pictures and updates on what’s happening at the zoo. And of course, more penguin photos.  

7. NASA Goddard

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center houses the United States’ largest organization of scientists, engineers, and technologists. Their Instagram features a ton of amazing shots of space and things that will go there in the future.

8. Liberty Science Center   

The New Jersey science museum posts pictures of their exhibits and visitors interacting with them. Occasionally, they’ll even share a sneak peek of what’s coming soon.

9. U.S. Geological Survey 

The USGS showcases the beauty of earth science with this spectacular Instagram. Follow them for animals, landscapes, and scientist selfies. 

10. My Public Lands 

The Bureau of Land Management oversees over 245 million acres of land, so you know they have some really incredible photographs up their sleeve. 

11. Bill Nye

Follow the star of Bill Nye the Science Guy as he goes on talk shows, attends science fairs, and mingles with celebrities.

12.  Bureau of Reclamation 

While an Instagram about dams might not seem interesting, the account is chock full of amazing photos. 

13. David Doubilet 

Doubilet is a photographer for National Geographic, so his account is a treasure trove of fantastic underwater photographs. 

14. American Museum of Natural History 

AMNH’s official page features pictures of the exhibits, animals, and museumgoers. It’s hard to look through them and not immediately plan a trip to visit.

Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook
There’s a Ghost Hiding in This Illustration—Can You Find It?
Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook
Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook

A hidden image illustration by Gergely Dudás, a.k.a. Dudolf
Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook

Gergely Dudás is at it again. The Hungarian illustrator, who is known to his fans as “Dudolf,” has spent the past several years delighting the internet with his hidden image illustrations, going back to the time he hid a single panda bear in a sea of snowmen in 2015. In the years since, he has played optical tricks with a variety of other figures, including sheep and Santa Claus and hearts and snails. For his latest brainteaser, which he posted to both his Facebook page and his blog, Dudolf is asking fans to find a pet ghost named Sheet in a field of white bunny rabbits.

As we’ve learned from his past creations, what makes this hidden image difficult to find is that it looks so similar to the objects surrounding it that our brains just sort of group it in as being “the same.” So you’d better concentrate.

If you’ve scanned the landscape again and again and can’t find Sheet to save your life, go ahead and click here to see where he’s hiding.

Afternoon Map
The Most Searched Shows on Netflix in 2017, By State

Orange is the New Black is the new black, at least as far as Netflix viewers are concerned. The women-in-prison dramedy may have premiered in 2013, but it’s still got viewers hooked. Just as they did in 2017, took a deep dive into Netflix analytics using Google Trends to find out which shows people in each state were searching Netflix for throughout the year. While there was a little bit of crossover between 2016 and 2017, new series like American Vandal and Mindhunter gave viewers a host of new content. But that didn’t stop Orange is the New Black from dominating the map; it was the most searched show in 15 states.

Coming in at a faraway second place was American Vandal, a new true crime satire that captured the attention of five states (Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). Even more impressive is the fact that the series premiered in mid-September, meaning that it found a large and rabid audience in a very short amount of time.

Folks in Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon were all destined to be disappointed; Star Trek: Discovery was the most searched-for series in each of these states, but it’s not yet available on Netflix in America (you’ve got to get CBS All Access for that, folks). Fourteen states broke the mold a bit with shows that were unique to their state only; this included Big Mouth in Delaware, The Keepers in Maryland, The OA in Pennsylvania, GLOW in Rhode Island, and Black Mirror in Hawaii.

Check out the map above to see if your favorite Netflix binge-watch matches up with your neighbors'. For more detailed findings, visit


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