The days are getting longer—the summer solstice is the 21st of this month—which means there's plenty of time to celebrate each of these quirky holidays.

1. June 3: Chimborazo Day

Not just a day to celebrate the Ecuadorian mountain, this holiday is designed to bring attention to the fact that the Earth is not a perfect sphere, as exemplified by Mount Chimborazo's status as the closest point to space. You might think that because Mount Everest is the tallest mountain, it reaches the highest. But because of the Earth's uneven shape, the distance from the center of the Earth up to sea level at the equator is 13 miles longer than it is at the poles, allowing Chimborazo to stretch an extra 1.5 miles closer to outer space than Everest.

2. June 5: Donut Day

This holiday, annually the first Friday in June, was founded in 1938 to honor the role the sweet treat played in World War I. Members of the Salvation Army, who became known as "Doughnut Dollies," distributed donuts to soldiers to supplement their rations. Years later, during the Great Depression, the Salvation Army created the holiday to remember these earlier services and encourage fundraising by giving symbolic paper "donuts" out in exchange for donations. But these days people celebrate with the real thing.

3. June 6: National Yo-Yo Day

Celebrated on the birthday of Donald F. Duncan, whose Duncan Toys Company helped popularize the yo-yo. They'd already existed for thousands of years, but Duncan gave them an American resurgence.

4. June 12: National Jerky Day

This is just the fourth annual celebration of dried meat snacks. The holiday is sponsored by the Wisconsin Beef Council.

5. June 13: World Juggling Day

Celebrated by juggling clubs around the world, presumably by juggling things.

6. June 14: World Blood Donor Day

A holiday created to bring awareness to the immense amount of good you can do just by donating blood—find a drive near you today!

7. June 16: Bloomsday

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Each year, on the anniversary of the day that James Joyce's Ulysses takes place, fans of the author celebrate his life and work in cities around the world as part of a holiday named for the protagonist: Leopold Bloom.

8. June 18: Recess At Work

Yes, please. We've written about how detrimental staying inside all day can be on your creativity, so get out for a little recess—for your work's sake!

9. June 21: Go Skateboarding Day

Founded by the International Association of Skateboard Companies (IASC) in 2003, this holiday coincides with the summer solstice.

10. June 25: National Handshake Day

Celebrate by reading up on the proper handshake etiquette from around the world.

11. June 26: Take Your Dog To Work Day

Celebrated since 1999, this is a day intended to encourage people to adopt pets from animal shelters—presumably by making all your dog-less coworkers incredibly jealous.

12. June 28: Log Cabin Day

This is annually celebrated on the last Sunday in June in Michigan with a series of old timey festivities and, presumably, lots of Lincoln Logs.

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