All photos by Stacy Conradt
All photos by Stacy Conradt

11 Berkshire Hathaway Products Featuring Warren Buffett's Face

All photos by Stacy Conradt
All photos by Stacy Conradt

This past weekend was the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting in Omaha. Warren Buffett's bash is always a big deal, but this year's 50th anniversary meant commemorative items galore. If you didn't make it to "Woodstock for Capitalists," here are the souvenirs you missed out on.

1. Berky Boxers

Yours for the low price of $6.

2. Berky Bra

Don't worry, ladies—Berkshire Hathaway didn't forget you. You can also display your support for BRK for just $6. (Actually, unless you got there on the first day, you can't. These had sold out by day two.)

3. Warren and Charlie socks

Tastefully embroidered with the symbols for various international currencies, these socks are a great investment. 

4. "The Perfect Pair" condiments

Buffett would definitely approve of this frugal deal—just $2 for the collectors' set of Heinz condiments. (Wonder if he stocked up?)

5. See's Candies chocolates and dish

You may not be able to invest like Buffett and Munger, but you can snack like them. The pair famously munch on See's Candies throughout the entire six-hour-plus annual meeting. This year, Munger focused his attentions on the peanut brittle, while Buffett opted for fudge.

6. 50th Anniversary Justin Boots

I'd put this stylish footwear up there with the boots that are frequently gifted to presidents.

7. Running Shoes

If you'd rather go for a run than hit the rodeo, these Brooks shoes—featuring a familiar caricature on the back—are right up your alley. 

8. Charm Bracelet

The perfect accessory for the Charlie Munger fangirl in your life.

9. Berkshire Quirkle—and Travel Quirkle!

For your next family car trip. (It's better than 20 Questions.)

10. My First Berkshire ABC

Nearly every single letter in the alphabet is represented by a brand owned by Berkshire. ("Q" is "quality products.")

11. Rubber Duckies

This is probably the closest you'll be able to get to bath time with Warren and Charlie.

The First-Ever Troop of Homeless Girl Scouts Just Crushed Their Cookie Sales Goal

Selling 32,500 boxes of cookies in a single week would be noteworthy for any team of Girl Scouts, but it's an especially sweet achievement for Troop 6000: The New York City-based chapter is the first-ever Girl Scout troop composed entirely of children living in homeless shelters.

According to NBC News, this season marked the first time the troop took part in the organization's annual cookie sale tradition. In early April, they received exclusive permission to set up shop inside the Kellogg's Café in Union Square. They kicked off their inaugural stand sale aiming to sell at least 6000 boxes of cookies: At the end of six days, they had sold more than 32,500.

Some customers waited in line an hour to purchase boxes from the history-making young women. Others gave their money directly to the troop, collectively donating over $15,000 to fund trips and activities. After purchasing their cookies, customers could also buy special Girl Scout cookie-inspired menu items from the Kellogg's store, with all proceeds going to Troop 6000.

The troop formed in 2016 as a collaboration between the Girl Scouts of Greater New York, Mayor de Blasio, and the city Department of Homeless Services. Meetings are held in shelters across the city, and many of the troop leaders, often mothers of the scouts, are homeless women themselves. About 40 percent of New York's homeless population are children, and Troop 6000 had to expand last summer to accommodate a flood of new recruits. Today, there are about 300 girls enrolled in the program.

[h/t NBC News]

Everything You Need to Know About Record Store Day

The unlikely resurgence of vinyl as an alternative to digital music formats is made up of more than just a small subculture of purists. Today, more than 1400 independent record stores deal in both vintage and current releases. Those store owners and community supporters created Record Store Day in 2007 as a way of celebrating the grassroots movement that’s allowed a once-dying medium to thrive.

To commemorate this year’s Record Store Day on Saturday, April 21, a number of stores (a searchable list can be found here) will be offering promotional items, live music, signings, and more. While events vary widely by store, a number of artists will be issuing exclusive LPs that will be distributed around the country.

For Grateful Dead fans, a live recording of a February 27, 1969 show at Fillmore West in San Francisco will be released and limited to 6700 copies; Arcade Fire’s 2003 EP album will see a vinyl release for the first time, limited to 3000 copies; "Roxanne," the Police single celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, will see a 7-inch single release with the original jacket art.

The day also promises to be a big one for David Bowie fans. A special white vinyl version of 1977’s Bowie Now will be on shelves, along with Welcome to the Blackout (Live London ’78), a previously-unreleased, three-record set. Jimmy Page, Frank Zappa, Neil Young, and dozens of other artists will also be contributing releases.

No store is likely to carry everything you might want, so before making the stop, it might be best to call ahead and then plan on getting there early. If you’re one of the unlucky vinyl supporters without a brick and mortar store nearby, you can check out, which will be selling the special releases online.


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