Ambitious Titanic LEGO Kit Could Become a Reality

LEGO Ideas has brought about some interesting kit proposals, including Golden Girls and Jurassic Park. The latest project to reach 10,000 supporters is the gigantic Titanic kit that is projected to use about 4000 LEGO pieces. The kit now must be approved by LEGO set designers and marketing representatives before it can hit store shelves. 

This ambitious project was created by Ssorg, the user who previously made the Douglas DC-3

Although the anniversary passed already, the fame and legacy of Titanic is not going anywhere," Ssort said, "and this LEGO set would help to keep her memory floating forever.”

Using a program called MLCAD, he created three models in different sizes: the small one uses 750 pieces, the medium uses 2500, and larger one uses 4000. Originally, Ssorg only proposed the large version (which would be about 4 feet long) but later added the smaller sizes to increase his chances of getting approval. The small version can be broken in half, so morbid builders can recreate the tragedy. Ssorg describes the feature as “a little macabre.” You can also remove the bottom to create the illusion of a boat in water. 

Using a price-per-part ratio of about $0.06, Ssorg predicts the larger kit would cost around $250 if approved. Alternatively, the little one could cost about $85. 

[h/t: WIRED UK]

Build Your Own Harry Potter Characters With LEGO's New BrickHeadz Set

Harry Potter is looking pretty square these days. In a testament to the enduring appeal of the boy—and the franchise—who lived, LEGO has launched a line of Harry Potter BrickHeadz.

The gang’s all here in this latest collection, which was recently revealed during the toymaker’s Fall 2018 preview in New York City. Other highlights of that show included LEGO renderings of characters from Star Wars, Incredibles 2, and several Disney films, according to Inside The Magic.

The Harry Potter BrickHeadz collection will be released in July and includes figurines of Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore, and even Hedwig. Some will be sold individually, while others come as a set.

A Ron Weasley figurine

A Hermione figurine

A Dumbledore figurine

Harry Potter fans can also look forward to a four-story, 878-piece LEGO model of the Hogwarts Great Hall, which will be available for purchase August 1. Sets depicting the Whomping Willow, Hogwarts Express, and a quidditch match will hit shelves that same day.

[h/t Inside The Magic]

Bre Burns, The Brothers Brick
This Working Pinball Machine Is Made Entirely of LEGO Bricks
Bre Burns, The Brothers Brick
Bre Burns, The Brothers Brick

LEGO sets are fun when you're piecing them together, and significantly less fun when they're fully assembled and gathering dust in your closet. That's not the case with the latest masterwork from builder Bre Burns. Her functioning LEGO pinball machine provides hours of entertainment even after the last brick has been laid.

According to the LEGO fan site The Brothers Brick, Burns built the initial model of the machine for the BrickCon LEGO exhibition in October 2017 and debuted an improved version at the Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle in March. The 2.5-foot-tall machine consists of 15,000 blocks put together over the course of 200 to 300 hours. Even the castor steel balls, lights, motors, and sensors are official products from LEGO Mindstorms and Technic—collections originally designed for building and programming robots.

Burns dubbed her creation "Benny's Space Adventure" after the excitable classic blue spaceman minifigure from The Lego Movie (2014). The final design includes sound effects, a coin slot, a gumball dispenser, a mosaic of Benny, and a moving spaceship mounted on top of the machine.

Master builders have been using LEGO bricks for years to make items that work in the real world. In 2015, Italian carpenter Nicola Pavan used LEGO to build a fully functional guitar, and that same year a team of professional builders broke a world record with its 215,158-brick camper.

[h/t The Brothers Brick]


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