There's plenty to celebrate this month, even if you don't like jelly beans or pranks. 

1. April 1: National Fun at Work Day

This is, of course, timed to coincide with April Fools Day, but also encourages employees to not limit their idea of fun to pranks. What about ice cream cake? Ice cream cake is fun, too.

2. April 2: Pascua Florida Day

This holiday commemorates the first landing on what is now Florida by Ponce de León in 1513. It's not known exactly when he first stepped ashore, but the name he bestowed upon the land gives some indication—Pascua means "Easter" and Florida means "flowering." It's a legal holiday in the state.

3. April 7: National Beer Day

On March 22, 1933, Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen–Harrison Act, legalizing the sale of beer (as long as it was 3.2 percent alcohol by weight or less) after many years of Prohibition. The thirsty public had to wait two long weeks before they could legally imbibe again, and on April 7, the law finally went into effect. Beer drinkers around the country rejoiced, and celebrated with a nice cold one, presumably.

4. April 9: Anniversary of Jumbo the Elephant Arriving in America

This elephant was captured in Africa in 1861, when he was just a young calf, and taken to the London Zoo and given the nickname "Jumbo," for the West African word for elephant. Jumbo was a tremendously popular attraction at the Zoo for many years, and in 1882, P. T. Barnum, founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, purchased the elephant for $10,000. On April 9, Jumbo arrived in Manhattan and enjoyed such fame stateside that his name entered our lexicon.

5. April 10: National Siblings Day

Hannah Keyser

Dedicated, as it was last year, to Emelye, Benjamin, and Samuel Keyser.

6. April 12: National Licorice Day

Specifically to celebrate the oft-debated black licorice.

7. April 14: National Library Workers Day

Thank your local librarian today!

8. and 9. April 15: National Take a Wild Guess Day and National That Sucks Day

Both perfectly-timed to coincide with tax day.

10. April 16: National High Five Day

You don't have to worry about taxes for a full year. High five!

11. April 17: National Haiku Poetry Day

Celebrate with your
Own haiku that is likely
Much better than mine.

12. April 22: Earth Day

This is the 45th anniversary of the international celebration of the planet we all call home.

13. April 23: World Book Night

On Shakespeare's birthday passionate volunteers hand out books in the U.S., U.K., Ireland and Germany.

14. April 25: Anniversary of the First License Plate

On this day in 1901, New York became the first state to require license plates on automobiles.

15. April 26: National Pretzel Day

First celebrated in 1983, this is a day to partake in, and admire, the salted snack.

16. April 30: International Jazz Day

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization is responsible for this holiday, which celebrates its fourth edition this year. Schools, communities, and even government organizations around the world will host programs to highlight the diplomatic role of jazz in bringing people together.

For an even more exhaustive list of holidays, historical anniversaries and notable birthdays, check out Chase's Calendar of Events.

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