11 Ways You Can Use Technology to Express Yourself


As technology becomes increasingly prevalent in the office and at home, so do worries that people are living in their own insular digital worlds. But new advances in technology are in fact freeing users from their desks, allowing them to unplug and take their gadgets out into the real world. In doing so, users are discovering innovative and exciting ways to use technology to express their personalities, style, and ideas. Here’s how. 

1. Use It to Share Your Ideas 

Recent research shows that using technology can stimulate imagination and enhance creativity, particularly in the classroom. Social media and online platforms give people outlets for their ideas and create opportunities for collaboration, interaction, and feedback from their peers. Thanks to the Internet, students are now writing more outside the classroom and are able to share their work with a broader, more varied audience. In turn, they become more confident in not only their writing abilities, but also their ideas and opinions. 

2. Create Art 

New technological innovations like gesture control let artists add computers to their arsenal of art supplies. Intel® RealSense™ technology will soon make it possible for you to open an app on your laptop or tablet, create drawings in the air with your hands, and have the results appear on your screen. Channeling your inner Michelangelo has never been easier. 

3. Show Off Your Unique Point of View

If your medium of choice is photography, technology can give you a boost here as well. Intel® RealSense™ snapshot uses three separate lenses to capture your photos. This depth-sensing allows you to change the focus of your photos after you take them, switch the photo’s perspective, or adjust layers of color. From a single shot, you can create a series of photos to show off your individual point of view. 

4. Express Your Style 

Gone are the days when wearable technology meant clunky watches, industrial wristbands, and awkward glasses. Tech companies are now teaming with designers in order to create wearables that value both form and function, so you can stay connected while you display your personal style. This year, Intel launched MICA (My Intelligent Communication Accessory), a collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Crafted with luxurious finishes like 18-karat gold and sapphire glass, these smart devices (which sync your calendar, messages, notifications, and more) would look more at home in a jewelry boutique than a tech convention.

5. Be Heard at Work 

In an increasingly connected world, chances are you’ll have business to do with someone in another city, state, or country. With the advances being made in video chat technology, you can rock that cross-continental presentation or pitch. With immersive video chat, you can place your silhouetted image right into your presentation so you can talk your boss or client through it slide by slide and make sure all your ideas are heard. 

6. Work From Wherever You Feel Inspired…

… not wherever you have an outlet. Intel-powered 2 in 1 devices have two times the battery life of older laptops, so you can foster your creativity wherever it strikes. Use your 2 in 1 to take your reading and writing out of the library and your art project out of the studio. 

7. Communicate with Your Computer 

It sounds like science fiction, but new technology is making it possible for you to communicate with your devices directly, without the use of a keyboard or mouse. 3D cameras embedded in your device track facial movements so your computer can actually read your emotions. Crazy, right? With a simple smile or frown, you can express your love for the game you’re playing or your frustration with instructions you’re reading, and your computer can adjust accordingly. 

8. Your Body Can Express Its Needs 

Raise your hand if you gave your parents a step counter for Christmas (or know someone who did). That’s what we thought. Even while fitness trackers have reached the point of ubiquity, they continue to evolve in order to better anticipate our bodies’ needs. The Basis Peak, for example, measures your activity level, monitors your heart rate, and analyzes your sleep patterns with a single device. It also gives you gentle reminders to stay active throughout the day, so your body can let you know when it’s time to get moving. 

9. Make Sweet Music 

For those who are more aurally-inclined, technology makes it possible to express yourself through music without being a piano prodigy or vocal talent. Not only are there increasingly easy-to-use apps and programs to help you compose music of your own, but your computer’s gesture control capabilities make it possible to play an instrument (or at least have the experience of playing one) without ever taking a lesson. 

10. Find Your Personal Soundtrack

Innovations in headphone technology also allow you to listen to the perfect mood-setting song anytime, anywhere—with no wires or charging involved.  You can even sync your headphones with a fitness tracker to stay more in tune with your body. 

11. Overcome Disabilities 

Technology is also making it possible for people with mental and physical disabilities to interact with their environments in ways that hadn’t previously been possible. Recent studies have found that mobile technologies expand communication, social, and technical skills for those on the autism spectrum. Digital storytelling and person-centered projects encourage young people and students with autism to express their ideas and showcase their talents and ambitions. 

Advances in 3D cameras are also making self-expression and communication easier for the visually impaired. For example, in their 2015 CES Keynote address, Intel unveiled a special jacket that uses tiny embedded 3D cameras to take in key sensory information from the wearer’s surroundings. These allow the jacket to vibrate and alert the wearer when a person or object comes near it. This makes it easier for blind or visually impaired people to navigate their geography as well as social interactions (they can “see” when someone offers a hand for a handshake). 

Whether you fancy yourself an artist, an athlete, or a fashionista, Intel® RealSense™ technology makes it possible for you to express your unique point of view while you connect with the world. Learn more here.

11 Things You Didn't Know You Needed to Measure

A simple measurement—made even easier by photo measuring technology—will save you wasted time, energy, and effort in the following scenarios. It never hurts to arm yourself with as much information as possible, especially now that innovative technology has put accurate, easy measurements at your fingertips. 

1. Doorframes and Hallways in Your New Apartment Building 

Even if you don’t live in New York City, where cramped stairwells and impossibly small apartments are just part of the charm, you’ll want to know ahead of time which of your current furniture will actually make it into the new apartment. Sure you love your four-poster bed frame or oversized couch, but if it doesn’t even fit through the building’s front door, wouldn’t you rather know that before moving day? 

2. Every Room in Your House, For When You Spot the Perfect Addition 

Even if it’s not new, every house is a work in progress. Be prepared to pick up the perfect statement piece to complete the look with photos of each room that you can measure whenever you happen to spy a great work of art or end table when you’re out and about. 

3. How Much Your Nieces/Nephews/Grandkids Have Grown

Of course you’re going to take a picture of the kids whenever you see them, and now when you say, “My, you’ve grown so much since last time!” you’ll be able to check how much is so much.

4. Your Snowmen 

Tap into your competitive side next time there’s a substantial snowfall and challenge friends and family to a snowman-building contest. When they’re all complete, snap a photo and measure up—award points for both size and style. In fact, the competitors don’t even have to be in the same place for this contest to work. Build your respective snowmen and share the photos amongst yourselves. 

5. How Much Air You Got 

Whether you’re jumping off the diving board or leaping off the ice for a triple axel, have someone document your athletic endeavors and later you can find just how much air you got. If you’re serious about your sport, do this regularly and you can plot your progress. 

6. The Inside Of Your Stove 

Especially if you’re in one of those tiny city apartments. Don’t let yourself buy that giant baking sheet (think of all the cookies!) just to find out it can’t fit in your stove; same goes for oversized casserole dishes. Before you stock your kitchen, make sure you know the dimensions of the oven space itself so you don’t end up with a bunch of useless supplies. 

7. The Distance Between an Outlet and Whatever You’re Plugging In 

This is especially important if you’re talking about an outdoor outlet. Don’t get too carried away with your plans for the perfect poolside margarita maker setup (or other electronic) without first making sure the cord will reach. It’s an easy fix—all you need is an extension cord—but better to know that before your party is in full swing. 

8. Window Height For Curtains

Maybe you think—like many of us did—that curtains are a one-size-fits-most kind of product, but unless you want the lower half of your body exposed or the curtains dragging on the floor, make sure you measure the height of your windows before ordering a set. Skip the rickety stepladder and just take a picture of the windows to get an accurate, reliable measurement.   

9. A Homemade Bookshelf

The beauty of building something from scratch is that you can make it exactly the size you need. Which means you need to figure out exactly what that size is. Consider not just the space you’re going to fit it into but also what it will hold—like if you have any especially tall books you need to take into account or anything else you plan to store there. 

10. Things That Are Just the Right Size

Do your friends have a TV that is large enough to gather around but not overwhelming or a love seat that comfortably sits two but still might fit in your small living room? They might not remember the dimensions of whatever it is you’re coveting but armed with photo measuring technology you can find out in just a snap. 

11. A New Appliance 

Appliances are a big purchase—physically and financially. Make sure you’re plenty prepared by measuring all the different dimensions that might come into play before you head out to compare models. 

From making sure your appliances fit to tracking your family’s literal growth, it’s time to put your photographs to work for you. Intel® RealSense™ technology can turn any snapshot into a useful measuring stick. Learn more here.

11 Ways a 2 in 1 Device Gets You the Best of Both Worlds

Phones, tablets, and computers for work, laptops for gaming—we don’t have enough hands to carry all the devices we need to use on a daily basis! By exchanging your tablet and laptop for a 2 in 1 device you can streamline your computing and lighten your load—without having to make any sacrifices. Here are 11 ways using a 2 in 1 device can help you have it all. 

1. Use It at Work… 

2 in 1 devices inspired by Intel feature the Intel® Core™ M processor, which boasts processing speeds far greater those of its competitors. This means they pack enough power to take on a full day of meetings, presentations, assignments… 

2. … or at Play 

… and games. Your computer use doesn’t stop when you leave the office, and neither do the benefits of your 2 in 1. In addition to increased processing power, Intel-powered 2 in 1 devices feature graphics that are sharper and more vibrant than older models, so you can fully enjoy the visuals of your favorite game. Transform your laptop into a tablet with a flip, swivel, or by detaching the keyboard and you can use it to entertain yourself on your commute or on the couch.

3. It’s Practical… 

When used with its keyboard and mouse trackpad, your 2 in 1 feels as comfortable as your trusty old laptop (but with twice its battery life). It can run Windows, Office, and your favorite desktop apps and Internet browsers. 

4. … and Edgy 

And yet, it’s far from your ordinary laptop. With their razor-thin design, Intel-powered 2 in 1s are ultra sleek, modern, and sexy. 

5. Use it On the Go… 

But the slim design is about more than just looks: 2 in 1s are approximately half the weight of your older laptop and tablet combo, which makes them perfect for taking with you throughout the day. They also have a battery life that outlasts your older laptop or tablet (you can watch hours of HD videos on a single charge), so there’s no need for you to stay within a cord’s reach of an outlet. 

6. … or from the Comfort of Your Home 

2 in 1s offer something for the whole family: You’ll love that you can easily get work done remotely and on your own time, and your kids will love its gaming capabilities. The large screen means you can flip your 2 in 1 into tent mode and comfortably settle in for a family movie night.

7. Use it to Multitask… 

Switch seamlessly from your spreadsheet to your design project to your game with your 2 in 1 thanks to its powerful processor. The 5th generation Intel® Core™ processor family also powers new technologies like facial recognition and voice control, so you can easily switch between tasks—just say the word. 

8. … or Immerse Yourself 

Intel-powered 2 in 1s feature Ultra HD displays, which have up to four times the pixels of full HD. Pop on your headphones and get lost in your game or video—it’s never looked so good. 

9. It’s Reliable… 

The Intel Core M processor with Intel® vPro™ technology features built-in security features that help protect your data, user identities, and network access, so you never have to worry about taking your business home or on the road.

10. … and Flexible 

While your 2 in 1 may be dependable, it’s far from boring. Available in detachable or convertible models, you can switch your device from a laptop to a tablet at the drop of a hat. Spontaneity is the spice of life, and with a 2 in 1 device you can be prepared to go wherever the wind takes you. 

11. You Get More Value… for Less Money. 

In switching to a 2 in 1 device you are not only lightening your physical load—for which your briefcase or backpack will thank you—but are also going easier on your wallet. Intel-powered 2 in 1s, like the Pavilion 15 or 17, can be yours for less than $400. 

By pairing high performance power with a slim, mobile design, Intel-powered 2 in 1 devices give you the best of both worlds. Learn more here.


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