See This Adorable Baby Acquire Sign Language Through Rhythm And Rhyme

In cultures all over the world, children are exposed to language through repetition, songs, chants, nursery rhymes, and other forms of play. Deaf culture is no different. Leala Holcomb and Jonathan McMillian of Hands Land learned American Sign Language naturally as they grew up, with parents who constantly made up playful songs and rhymes as they went about their daily routines.

How can a signed language have songs or rhymes? Rhythm and rhyme can also exist in a visual medium. The motions of signs can be repeated, elongated or otherwise modified to take on a beat or rhythm. The internal parts of signs can also be repeated. For example, two signs that use the same hand shape “rhyme” with each other in a sense.

Hands Land is an Indiegogo project to produce a learning DVD “full of original ASL rhymes and rhythms covering a wide range of themes.” In the video explanation of the project McMillan notes that hearing parents trying to sign with their children often “become so focused on signing correctly that they lose sight of their reason for learning to sign. Signing should enhance the bonds between parents and children.”

That bonding is on adorable display here, as Holcomb’s nephew Thoreau acquires ASL joyfully and naturally through language play with his family.

Learn more about the Hands Land campaign here.

Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook
There’s a Ghost Hiding in This Illustration—Can You Find It?
Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook
Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook

A hidden image illustration by Gergely Dudás, a.k.a. Dudolf
Gergely Dudás - Dudolf, Facebook

Gergely Dudás is at it again. The Hungarian illustrator, who is known to his fans as “Dudolf,” has spent the past several years delighting the internet with his hidden image illustrations, going back to the time he hid a single panda bear in a sea of snowmen in 2015. In the years since, he has played optical tricks with a variety of other figures, including sheep and Santa Claus and hearts and snails. For his latest brainteaser, which he posted to both his Facebook page and his blog, Dudolf is asking fans to find a pet ghost named Sheet in a field of white bunny rabbits.

As we’ve learned from his past creations, what makes this hidden image difficult to find is that it looks so similar to the objects surrounding it that our brains just sort of group it in as being “the same.” So you’d better concentrate.

If you’ve scanned the landscape again and again and can’t find Sheet to save your life, go ahead and click here to see where he’s hiding.

Afternoon Map
The Most Searched Shows on Netflix in 2017, By State

Orange is the New Black is the new black, at least as far as Netflix viewers are concerned. The women-in-prison dramedy may have premiered in 2013, but it’s still got viewers hooked. Just as they did in 2017, took a deep dive into Netflix analytics using Google Trends to find out which shows people in each state were searching Netflix for throughout the year. While there was a little bit of crossover between 2016 and 2017, new series like American Vandal and Mindhunter gave viewers a host of new content. But that didn’t stop Orange is the New Black from dominating the map; it was the most searched show in 15 states.

Coming in at a faraway second place was American Vandal, a new true crime satire that captured the attention of five states (Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin). Even more impressive is the fact that the series premiered in mid-September, meaning that it found a large and rabid audience in a very short amount of time.

Folks in Alaska, Colorado, and Oregon were all destined to be disappointed; Star Trek: Discovery was the most searched-for series in each of these states, but it’s not yet available on Netflix in America (you’ve got to get CBS All Access for that, folks). Fourteen states broke the mold a bit with shows that were unique to their state only; this included Big Mouth in Delaware, The Keepers in Maryland, The OA in Pennsylvania, GLOW in Rhode Island, and Black Mirror in Hawaii.

Check out the map above to see if your favorite Netflix binge-watch matches up with your neighbors'. For more detailed findings, visit


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