Average Joe, Joe Schmo, John Doe. He’s bland and average. Faceless, but not nameless. Every country needs a way to talk about just “some guy.” Here’s what 11 countries call that typical guy, who might have no specific qualities, but is still “one of our own.”

1. GERMANY: Otto Normalverbraucher

Otto “normal consumer” or “middlebrow.”

2. CHINA: Zhang San

Translates to “Zhang 3.” Sometimes shows up with Li Si (Li 4) and Wang Wu (Wang 5).

3. DENMARK: Morten Menigmand

Morton Everyman.

4. AUSTRALIA: Fred Nurk

Sounds pretty normal to me.

5. RUSSIA: Vasya Pupkin

With a name like that, it’s hard not to be a typical schmo.

6. FINLAND: Matti Meikäläinen

Meikäläinen looks like a typical Finnish surname, but it also means “one of us.”

7. SWEDEN: Medelsvensson

Just your average Svensson.

8. FRANCE: Monsieur Tout-le-monde

“Mr. Everyone.” Also goes by Jean Dupont

9. UK/NEW ZEALAND: Joe Bloggs

Still an average Joe (but can also be a Fred).

10. ITALY: Mario Rossi

In Italy they just use a common name.

11. LATIN AMERICA: Juan Pérez

Likewise in various Spanish-speaking countries in Central and South America.