The Largest Craft Brewery Per State

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Today's map was created by mental_floss designer, Chloe Effron. Last year, the Brewers Association released a list of the top 50 craft brewing companies by beer sales volume. [PDF] With craft breweries cropping up across the country, more and more states are getting their own breweries. Using the BA's list as a jumping off point, mental_floss decided to dig around to create a full map of each state's biggest craft brewery. We decided to stick by the association's craft brewer guidelines, so we only included breweries that were small, traditional, and independent— that is why you won't see breweries like Goose Island or Red Hook on the map. The list was then compiled using data from ABC departments, breweries, and miscellaneous sources. It's also important to note that breweries like Boston Brewing and Gambrinus were changed to Samuel Adams and Shiner for sake of clarity. 

Here's the complete list:

Alabama: Good People Brewing
Alaska: Alaskan Brewing
Arizona: Four Peaks
Arkansas: Core Brewing Company
California: Sierra Nevada
Colorado: New Belgium
Connecticut: Two Roads
Delaware: Dogfish Head
Florida: Florida Beer Company
Georgia: Sweetwater
Hawaii: Maui Brewing
Idaho: Grand Teton
Illinois: Revolution
Indiana: 3 Floyds
Iowa: Backpocket Brewing
Kansas: Tallgrass Beer
Kentucky: Lexington Brewing
Louisiana: Abita
Maine: Shipyard
Maryland: Flying Dog
Massachusetts: Samuel Adams
Michigan: Bell's
Minnesota:  Summit
Mississippi:  Lazy Magnolia
Missouri:  Boulevard Brewery
Montana:  Big Sky
Nebraska:  Nebraska Brewing
Nevada:  Ellis Island Casino & Brewery
New Hampshire:  Smuttynose
New Jersey:  Flying Fish
New Mexico:  Santa Fe Brewing
New York:  Brooklyn Brewery
North Carolina:  Highland
North Dakota:  Fargo Brewing
Ohio:  Great Lakes
Oklahoma:  Choc Beer
Oregon:  Deschutes
Pennsylvania:  Victory
Rhode Island:  Trinity Brewhouse
South Carolina:  Palmetto Brewing Company
South Dakota:  Crow Peak
Tennessee:  Yazoo
Texas:  Shiner
Utah:  Uinta
Vermont:  Long Trail
Virginia:  Starr Hill
Washington:  Georgetown Brewing
West Virginia:  Mountain State
Wisconsin:  New Glarus
Wyoming:  Snake River Brewing Company

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