20 Purrfect Products for Cats and Their Humans

Here are a few things that you can buy to show your feline pride—and spoil that special kitten in your life.

1. Cat Wheel, $249

Sure, a wheel for cats might seem ridiculous—what are they, hamsters?!—but indoor kitties need exercise, too. The wheel comes in four colors, so you can pick which one works best with your decor. We also suggest buying a GoPro to capture video of your cat on the wheel.

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2. Crafting with Cat Hair, $9

These adorable projects require just two things: A little time, and a lot of cat fur. Better it be a cute finger puppet than gathering in the corners of your apartment!

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3. Catnip Bubbles, $10

These bubbles are made from catnip oil and are sure to drive your kitten crazy.

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4. Purr Our Conversation Sweatshirt, $50

You don’t need anyone to ask for you to launch into a monologue about your cat (that happens regularly!), but this sweatshirt is great anyway.

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5. Da Bird, $10

This toy is just a rod, a long string, and feathers, but cats go nuts for it—those feathers are configured in a way that mimics the flight of real birds. 

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6. Keyboard Cat Moon T-shirt, $17

Guys love cats, too—and they can show it by wearing this t-shirt featuring one of the very first Internet Famous felines.

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7. Feline Tree House, $800

It looks like an actual tree! And, yes, is totally sold in a Skymall catalogue.

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8. How to Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity, $9

If you’re going to be buying $800 furniture for your feline, he’s going to have to start earning his keep. This book will show you how to make him the next big thing on the ‘net.

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9. Crazy Pants Cat Tunnel, $14

There are weird cat products, and then there are cat tunnels that look like pants. This one is for the cat who has everything.

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10. Cat Oven Mitt, $10

When dish towels with kitties on them just isn't enough cat in your kitchen, get this feline-shaped oven mitt.

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11. Catty Stacks $20/two pack

If your cat is like any other cat, he loves boxes. And sure, you could just save all your old shipping boxes but these colorful, modular options make that pile of cardboard a little more structured and a little more stylish.

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12. Crazy Cat Lady Board Game, $20

There's a board game for almost everything, so why shouldn't crazy cat ladies get one?

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13. Cat Cave $45

There's something very funny about your cat's hiding place looking like a mouse.

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14. Crossbody Cat Bag, $39

You can either buy a pre-made cat bag from this Etsy seller, or you can ask him to make a bag featuring your cat's face!

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15. Silhouette Cat Shelves, $335

So meta!

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16. Cats Art Print, $18

Cats, like the moon, are mysterious, aloof and—even when you can't see them—probably orbiting around you somewhere.

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17. Cat Hat, $15

Fashion: not just for people!

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18. Cat Smartphone Stand, $14

For the tech-savvy feline aficionado in your life.

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19. Sushi Cat Toys, $25

This catnip-seasoned faux sushi looks good enough to eat, and your cat will be chewing on it for sure.

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20. Up Your Alley Cat Flat, $59.99

These flats add just the right hint of quirk to your outfit. For a cat lady with style.

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Watch How a Bioluminescence Expert Catches a Giant Squid

Giant squid have been the object of fascination for millennia; they may have even provided the origin for the legendary Nordic sea monsters known as the Kraken. But no one had captured them in their natural environment on video until 2012, when marine biologist and bioluminescence expert Edith Widder snagged the first-ever images off Japan's Ogasawara Islands [PDF]. Widder figured out that previous dives—which tended to bring down a ton of gear and bright lights—were scaring all the creatures away. (Slate compares it to "the equivalent of coming into a darkened theater and shining a spotlight at the audience.")

In this clip from BBC Earth Unplugged, Widder explains how the innovative camera-and-lure combo she devised, known as the Eye-in-the-Sea, finally accomplished the job by using red lights (which most deep-sea creatures can't see) and an electronic jellyfish (called the e-jelly) with a flashy light show just right to lure in predators like Architeuthis dux. "I've tried a bunch of different things over the years to try to be able to talk to the animals," Widder says in the video, "and with the e-jelly, I feel like I'm finally making some progress."

[h/t The Kid Should See This]

Big Questions
Why Are There No Snakes in Ireland?

Legend tells of St. Patrick using the power of his faith to drive all of Ireland’s snakes into the sea. It’s an impressive image, but there’s no way it could have happened.

There never were any snakes in Ireland, partly for the same reason that there are no snakes in Hawaii, Iceland, New Zealand, Greenland, or Antarctica: the Emerald Isle is, well, an island.

Eightofnine via Wikimedia Commons // Public Domain

Once upon a time, Ireland was connected to a larger landmass. But that time was an ice age that kept the land far too chilly for cold-blooded reptiles. As the ice age ended around 10,000 years ago, glaciers melted, pouring even more cold water into the now-impassable expanse between Ireland and its neighbors.

Other animals, like wild boars, lynx, and brown bears, managed to make it across—as did a single reptile: the common lizard. Snakes, however, missed their chance.

The country’s serpent-free reputation has, somewhat perversely, turned snake ownership into a status symbol. There have been numerous reports of large pet snakes escaping or being released. As of yet, no species has managed to take hold in the wild—a small miracle in itself.

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