Barbie Gives Princess Leia a Stylish Makeover

Mattel, Amazon
Mattel, Amazon

Princess Leia has been made into countless action figures since Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope premiered in 1977, but this latest toy could be her most high-fashion depiction yet. As People reports, Mattel and Disney have joined forces to create a Princess Leia Barbie as part of their new line of Star Wars-inspired dolls for 2019.

The Barbie version of Leia Organa has all the signature elements of the original character with a few stylish embellishments. Her iconic cinnamon-bun-like hairstyle has been reimagined as a voluminous updo with twists and braids.

Her outfit is more appropriate for going to a party than heading into battle: She wears a flowing white gown with floor-length sleeves and a leg slit that reveals her strappy, knee-high boots. For accessories, she sports a silvery peplum belt with a matching necklace, cuff bracelets, and a clutch purse.

Princess Leia Barbie doll.
Mattel, Amazon

Leia wasn't the only Star Wars character to receive a makeover. The new Barbie line also includes a Darth Vader Barbie who traded in her helmet for chic sunglasses, and an R2-D2 Barbie with an electric-blue ponytail and a mini-dress that evokes the droid's metal exterior.

Darth Vader Barbie doll.
Mattel, Amazon

R2-D2 Barbie doll.
Mattel, Amazon

The collection is set for a November 18 release date (just in time for the premiere of Star Wars: Episode IX in December), but they're available to preorder online now. You can purchase all the Star Wars Barbie dolls—which cost $100 each—from Amazon today.

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Look Back at All 23 MCU Films With the Infinity Saga Box Set Trailer

Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios

While there had been plenty of popular Marvel movies prior to 2008’s Iron Man, everything changed when Robert Downey Jr. stepped into the role of Tony Stark and began the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that came the Infinity Saga, the culmination of all 23 films of phases one, two, and three of the MCU, concluding with the bittersweet Avengers: Endgame earlier this year. While fans are no doubt excited to follow Phase 4 with all the new, exciting films to come, nothing will ever be the same again.

Now that it’s all over, Marvel Studios is releasing an Infinity Saga box set of all the MCU films so far, and according to, the upcoming release has also come with an emotional trailer. After debuting at San Diego Comic-Con earlier this summer, fans can now see the trailer on YouTube. 

The trailer features the biggest moments in the Infinity Saga leading up to Iron Man snapping the universe back into place, and sacrificing himself in the process. “What a world—universe, now,” Tony’s voice narrates. He’s got that right.

With Phase 4 of the MCU not picking back up until May 2020 with Black Widow, buying this box set might not be a bad idea. A release date has not been announced yet.

El Camino, the Breaking Bad Movie, Is Coming to Theaters

Doug Hyun/AMC
Doug Hyun/AMC

On October 11, Netflix will unleash El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie on the world at midnight. But for those Los Pollos Hermanos-loving fans who want the theatrical experience, Entertainment Weekly reports that the film will also screen in cinemas across 68 cities from October 11 to October 13.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan told The Hollywood Reporter that he filmed the movie—his feature film directorial debut—in CinemaScope 2.39 wide-screen format, making it an ideal film to watch in a theater. “Every time we’d put out a new season of Breaking Bad, we would have a premiere in a big movie theater,” Gilligan said. “I always thought, ‘This thing, it looks like a movie. It doesn’t look like a show.’ I really want to be able to share that with fans.”

Not much is known about the Jesse Pinkman movie, which filmed in secrecy last year. However, during this Sunday’s Emmys broadcast, a longer trailer will be released.

Here’s what we do know, though: Gilligan told The Hollywood Reporter he worked with a fairly high budget and was able to film outside of Albuquerque. Ten “familiar” Breaking Bad characters will make appearances, including Jesse's beloved pal Badger. No matter what, the movie—whether watched in theaters, on your couch, or at your desk—will be an epic event.

To find tickets, click here and type in your city. Several shows in NYC are already sold out, so it’s best to purchase tickets sooner rather than later.

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