17 Awesome and Weird Bill Murray-Inspired Products


Here at mental_floss, we love Bill Murray, who is always doing awesome stuff—so when I decided to brainstorm art for our newly renovated office, it wasn't hard to decide where to start. In the process, I discovered so many awesome Bill Murray-inspired things available for purchase, so I threw this list together. You're welcome!

1. You’re Awesome Journal, $10

This journal from Chronicle Books is peppered with more illustrations of Murray spouting affirmations of awesomeness. I currently have it sitting up against the books on my desk, as you can see above.

2. Nail Art Decals, $6

Regular nail polish is boring compared to these fabulous Murray decals.  

3. Russian General, $25 - $56

If you've ever wondered what your favorite actor would look like as a Russian general, here's the answer. The original painting was by English artist George Dawe, who created more than 300 portraits of Russian generals during Napoleon's invasion.

4. Pinback Button, $2

Two things everyone loves on one fun button!

5. Collage, $63

This would look very nice on the walls of mental_floss's newly renovated office. 

6. Baby Bodysuit, $16

Your kid will be automatically cooler when he or she wears this adorable onesie, available in 11 colors.

7. I Heart Bill Murray Coasters, $35

These cherry-wood coasters, which come in a set of four, are an easy way to quirk up your coffee table.

8. iPhone Case, $35

A little Bill, a little Bowie. The combination works.

9. T-shirt, $20

Love puns, love this shirt. You can buy the original, by Andrew Gregory (also known as lunchboxbrain), for $15 here.

10. Pop Art Pillow, $19

Perfect for Warhol fans and Bill Murray devotees.

11. Flat Plans, $20

Build your own Bill Murray, and put on a little knit Steve Zissou hat!

12. Unicorn Print, $30

Like both Bill Murray and unicorns, this work of art is unique and beautiful.

13. Etch-A-Sketch Portrait, $90

The artist swears up and down that this portrait is frozen and won't be erased during shipping. 

14. B. Rex Tote, $22

The only way that dinosaurs could have been cooler.

15. TuneSquad Jersey, $40

SpaceJam fans, this one is for you.

16. Night Light, $45

What better way to quell a fear of the dark?

17. Dr. Venkman Narwhal Print, $18

Most appropriate for Ghostbusters-loving marine biologists.

Sensorwake, Kickstarter
Wake Up to the Aroma of Cappuccino With This Scent-Emitting Alarm Clock
Sensorwake, Kickstarter
Sensorwake, Kickstarter

Some people need an aggressive alarm clock to get them out of bed, like Simone Giertz's slapping robot, or the singNshock, which zaps you if you hit the snooze button. For others, a gentler wakeup call is what does the trick. That's what you get with Sensorwake, a new alarm clock on Kickstarter that gradually stimulates three of your senses to ease you into the day.

During the first minute of the alarm's three-minute wakeup process, it releases a pleasant aroma. You have your choice of scent cartridges, including cappuccino, peppermint, rose garden, chocolate factory, orange juice, and pine forest. A single cartridge lasts 30 days before it needs to be switched out.

After reviving your nose, Sensorwake activates its visual component: a soft light. For the final minute, the gadget plays sound like a traditional alarm clock, but instead of a blaring buzzer, you hear one of five upbeat melodies. If all that isn't enough to get you on your feet, you can hit snooze and wait for the cycle to start over in 10 minutes.

With more than three weeks left in its Kickstarter campaign, Sensorwake has already multiplied its original funding goal of $30,000. To reserve a clock and two scent capsules of your own, you can pledge $59 or more. Shipping is estimated for November of this year.

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Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images
David Lynch's Amazon T-Shirt Shop is as Surreal as His Movies
Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images
Dominique Faget, AFP/Getty Images

David Lynch, the celebrated director behind baffling-but-brilliant films like Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Drive, and Twin Peaks, is now selling his equally surreal T-shirts on Amazon.

As IndieWire reports, each shirt bears an image of one of Lynch’s paintings or photographs with an accompanying title. Some of his designs are more straightforward (the shirts labeled “House” and “Whale” feature, respectively, drawings of a house and a whale), while others are obscure (the shirt called “Chicken Head Tears” features a disturbing sculpture of a semi-human face).

This isn’t the first time Lynch has ventured into pursuits outside of filmmaking. Previously, he has sold coffee, designed furniture, produced music, hosted daily weather reports, and published a book about his experience with transcendental meditation. Art, in fact, falls a little closer to Lynch’s roots; the filmmaker trained for years at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts before making his mark in Hollywood.

Lynch’s Amazon store currently sells 57 T-shirts, ranging in size from small to triple XL, all for $26 each. As for our own feelings on the collection, we think they’re best reflected by this T-shirt named “Honestly, I’m Sort of Confused.”

Check out some of our favorites below:

T-shirt that says "Honestly, I'm Sort of Confused"
"Honestly, I'm Sort of Confused"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with a drawing of a sleeping bird on it
"Sleeping Bird"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt that says Peace on Earth over and over again. The caption is pretty on the nose.
"Peace on Earth"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an image of a screaming face made out of turkey with ants in its mouth
"Turkey Cheese Head"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an odd sculpted clay face asking if you know who it is. You get the idea.
"I Was Wondering If You Know Who I Am?"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an image of a sculpted head that is not a chicken. It is blue, though.
"Chicken Head Blue"

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with a drawing of a lobster on it. Below the drawing, the lobster is labeled with the word lobster. Shocking, I know.

Buy it on Amazon

T-shirt with an abstract drawing of what is by David Lynch's account, at least, a cowboy

Buy it on Amazon

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