Sure, you can start picking pumpkins and planning your costume early, but there's plenty to celebrate in October even before Halloween rolls around.

1. October 1: World Vegetarian Day

It's easy enough to eat meat-free for a day but this celebration is intended to kick off a month of vegetarian awareness and encourage more lasting change.

2. October 2: World Farm Animals Day

This may seem at odds with the prior holiday until you consider that this is actually a day to protest the "farm" in "farm animal" and the cruel conditions it implies. It's an admirable effort, but the founders of World Farm Animals Day were a little heavy-handed in their decision to celebrate the cause on Gandhi's birthday.

3. October 4: National Ships-in-Bottles Day

A day to honor the under-appreciated hobby of building really really small boats.

4. October 8: Bring Your Teddy Bear to Work Day

Notice this holiday is for workers, not students. No judgment here if you've entered the working world and have yet to outgrow your teddy bear—in fact, all the more reason to celebrate.

5. October 11: Southern Food Heritage Day

If you live below the Mason-Dixon line this is probably no different than any other day, but up North I'm always eager for an excuse to partake in some biscuits and gravy.

6. October 12: Grandmother's Day in Florida

Your grandmother sounds great and all, but on October 12, only celebrate her if she lives in Florida.

7. October 15: Hagfish Day

Flickr user Jonathan DIf you aren't familiar, hagfish, also known as slime eels, are snake-shaped sea creatures that secrete a sticky slime—and they deserve their day.

8. October 15: National Cake Decorating Day

Or, a chance to play with icing.

9. October 16: Dictionary Day

Celebrated annually on the birthday of Noah Webster.

10. October 19: Evaluate Your Life Day

Or, an excuse to procrastinate introspection the other 364 days.

11. October 23: National Mole Day

If Pi Day has gotten too mainstream for you, perhaps you'll be interested in celebrating a less-known scientific holiday. Mole Day is observed from 6:02 A.M. to 6:02 P.M. on October 23rd in honor of Avogadro's number, 6.02 x 10 to the 23rd power, or a "mole" of something. The name unfortunately does not lend itself to consumption of baked goods in celebration, but may we recommend whipping up some Spanish mole sauce?

12. October 25: National Forgiveness Day

If you forget to celebrate, it's really okay. Don't worry about.

13. October 26: Mother-in-Law Day

Unfortunately, this comes after National Forgiveness Day, so if you forget to give her a call it might be a long year before she forgives you.

14. October 29: National Cat Day

Hannah Keyser If you've been following along with these lists each month, you may have noticed there are quite a few cat-centric holidays. But we here at mental_floss are not complaining one bit.

15. October 30: Create A Great Funeral Day

Because you only get one shot at it.

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