The 10 Best States for Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse

Grandfailure/iStock via Getty Images
Grandfailure/iStock via Getty Images

As pop culture suggests, the zombie apocalypse might not be far off. The recent emergence of a living dead-like disease among deer has led some scientists to wonder whether it could spread to humans through infected meat. (It may be possible, but it's unlikely.)

Though you'll probably want to wait a while before you start battening down the hatches or brandishing any barbed-wire bats, it wouldn’t hurt to keep the best places to survive the zombie-pocalypse in the back of your head. helpfully listed the best states to seek refuge if and when doomsday should occur. They designated each U.S. state as one, two, three, and four, with one being the safest and four being areas with the lowest likelihood of survival.

To tabulate these results, the crew at aggregated data based on each state’s agriculture, weapon ownership, solar energy, and climate. Unfortunately, residents in the northeast didn’t fare too well: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Jersey were all hit with zone four statuses. However, these states give you a better chance than Nevada, which came in dead last of the 50.

Should you find yourself on the beaches of California, you have little to worry about, zombie-wise: The Golden State was deemed the safest haven in all of Zombie America, thanks to its gorgeous weather and implementation of solar power. Midwesterners, too, can breathe easy, as the majority of them fell into zones one and two. points out that the four aforementioned indicators aren’t the only factors crucial to survival. The site mentions that finding areas hosting slowly decomposing food may prove useful for survivors in need of sustenance. The two best dystopian snacks to choose? Twinkies and ramen.

Health consciousness is a privilege of a zombie-less world, but when you’re running from the undead, being a picky eater isn’t an easy option. Sneak over to Kansas, Georgia, or Indiana, where Hostess’s three Twinkie bakeries reside, and stock up..

Are those Midwestern states too far away? Don’t fret: New Jersey and Kentucky have the longest-lasting supply of ramen.

For the best chance of survival, these 10 states are your safest bets:

  1. California
  1. Iowa
  1. Nebraska
  1. Minnesota
  1. Illinois
  1. Kansas
  1. North Carolina
  1. Wisconsin
  1. Indiana
  1. Washington

Good luck out there!

The 20 Most Fun States in America

Downtown Los Angeles, California
Downtown Los Angeles, California
choness/iStock via Getty Images

Across the United States, people have fun in different ways—but some places are just more exciting than others. There are states where fun is just an option, and states where fun is a way of life.

Now, financial advisory site Wallethub has made fun-finding much easier. Using 26 different indicators, from the number of restaurants to the cost of a movie ticket to proximity to national parks, it compared all 50 states and pinpointed the best states for keeping yourself constantly entertained without having to spend all the money in your bank account.

California topped the list for the second year in a row with a total score of 61.57, while Florida (58.21) and New York (57.85) came in second and third. At the other end of the spectrum, there are the least fun states—which saw West Virginia (14.41) place at the very bottom, followed by Mississippi (16.56) and Delaware (20.66).

Below is a list of the 20 most fun states. Visit Wallethub to view the full rankings, and check out the interactive map below.

  1. California
  1. Florida
  1. New York
  1. Washington
  1. Colorado
  1. Nevada
  1. Minnesota
  1. Pennsylvania
  1. Oregon
  1. Texas
  1. Illinois
  1. Missouri
  1. Ohio
  1. Arizona
  1. New Mexico
  1. Louisiana
  1. South Carolina
  1. Michigan
  1. Wisconsin
  1. North Carolina
Source: WalletHub

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