TheFineBros, Youtube
TheFineBros, Youtube

Elderly People React to Oculus Rift

TheFineBros, Youtube
TheFineBros, Youtube

After asking a group of game elders to test out Google Glass, the Fine Brothers upped the ante on futuristic technology of today and showed them Oculus Rift, a virtual reality device (and not a rock group like one lady assumed). The elders had no idea what they were dealing with. "I'm not going to electrocute myself, am I?" one asked.

Many thought it was a protective mask of some sort—for space or snorkeling or war or for preventing spread of the Ebola virus—while some thought it might be a mind control device. One compared it to old-school Viewfinders.

Once the device was turned on, all of the elders loved exploring the virtual villa in Tuscany. "It's like you're there!" One woman commented. But things got a little dicey at the amusement park. Sure, the roller coaster isn't real, but as one lady shrieked, "My stomach doesn't know that!" Despite some run-ins with motion sickness and a-little-too-real-for-comfort horror experience, they all expressed amazement at how far technology has come in their lifetimes.

Watch Koko the Gorilla Meet Her New Pet Kittens

Koko the gorilla passed away at the age of 46 this week. Though she was best known for her use of sign language, her love of cats is what made her a media darling.

In 1983, the western lowland gorilla reportedly told trainer Penny Patterson that she wanted a cat. Patterson and her fellow researchers at The Gorilla Foundation supported this idea, hoping that caring for a cat might prepare Koko for motherhood.

They gave Koko a lifelike stuffed animal and after she ignored that gift, she was given a gray kitten for her birthday in July 1984. Koko rejoiced. She named the cat All Ball and carried him around like a baby. All Ball got out of Koko's cage and was hit by a car just a few months later. Trainer Penny Patterson shared the news with Koko, who, Patterson said, began crying. “Sleep cat,” she reportedly signed.

For Koko's 44th birthday in 2015, Patterson let her pick out two new pets from a litter of kittens. The result was as cute as you might expect.

For more Koko videos, follow kokoflix on Youtube.

Testing Summer Life Hacks We Found on the Internet

With the arrival of summertime comes a host of warm-weather rituals—from cooking s'mores over a campfire to discovering what sort of deep-fried concoctions have made their way to this year's state fair.

Today on Scatterbrained, John Green and friends are celebrating all things summer by testing some warm-weather life hacks, dishing up some fascinating facts on some of your favorite summer treats, and digging into the science of SPF. Slather on the sunblock and watch the full episode below.

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