Frontier Communications Wants to Pay You $1000 to Swap Your Smartphone for a Flip Phone for a Week


Before mobile phones were tools for browsing the internet, making video calls, and transforming your face into emojis, they were primarily used for calling and texting. As WTHR reports, the internet and phone service provider Frontier Communications wants to send one person back to the dark ages by replacing their smartphone with a flip phone for a whole week—and if they successfully complete the challenge, they'll walk away with $1000.

The company is launching the "Flip Phone Challenge" to see how well a self-proclaimed smartphone addict can cope without their device. For a full seven days, they'll learn how to navigate life without the internet at their fingertips. They will have access to a basic flip phone for simpler communications, but when it comes to consuming media, taking notes, and looking up directions on the go, they'll need to get creative. To ease the transition, Frontier Communications will provide them with a "Boredom Buster Swag Bag." It comes with tools that were essential in the pre-smartphone era, like a physical map, a pocket phonebook, a notepad and pen, and CDs.

Frontier Communications will select just one person out of its applicant pool to take the challenge. The ideal candidate is in touch with the latest technology, is an avid social media user, and is willing to vlog about their experience. They must be 18 years or older and a citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.

In addition to living their life with a flip phone for a week, the chosen candidate will be asked to record their progress, noting any changes in their productivity, sleep quality, and how long it takes them to correspond with someone. If they can do that while resisting the temptation of smartphone life, they'll receive $1000 from the company.

To apply for the challenge, complete the form here and explain in 200 words or less why you'd be the right person for the job. Including a video component is encouraged, but not required.

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The UK Wants to Use 'Noise Cameras' to Crack Down on Loud Cars and Bikes


Snarled traffic creates more than air pollution. Thanks to modified engines, mufflers, and exhaust systems on cars and motorcycles, congested roadways can become symphonies of belching and rattling. Now, the UK government is looking to do something about it.

According to the BBC, the Department for Transport is currently testing “acoustic cameras” that will measure the decibel levels of vehicles on public roads. If a microphone detects a vehicle producing an excessive amount of noise, a camera will photograph the source and the owner will be fined.

What defines excessive? That remains to be seen. The UK enacted a law in 2016 limiting new cars to no more than 74 decibels. It's primarily older cars and modified motorbikes that create noise disturbances and prompt complaints from people living nearby.

The trial equipment will also need to prove it can identify one vehicle's noise emissions from another's and single out cars from other possible sources of sound. If the trial results are promising, it's likely the "acoustic cameras" will be policing UK roads in the near future.

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This Scented Smart Candle is Fire-Safe and Alexa-Friendly


Candlelight can do a lot for a room, setting a mood and signaling that it’s time to relax. But not everyone is comfortable with the idea of nursing a tiny flame and melting wax indoors. Technology has provided a solution in the form of the LuDela Perfect Pillar, a smart candle and decorative accent that takes the worry out of a flame-lit atmosphere.

The battery-powered artificial candle generates its flame with refillable liquid paraffin and offers a variety of different scents in the form of SunScent fragrance rings, which you can place on top of the candle to release the scent of your choice. The candle never dims or melts, and you can swap out its fragrance ring at any time to give your home a new scent.

The LuDela Perfect Pillar smart candle starter set

The LuDela candle's smart features make it a safer choice than your typical accent candle, especially for homes with small kids or pets. For instance, it has a sensor inside that detects when the device is tilting; if it falls over, the flame is automatically extinguished. You can also turn the candle on and off or create a timed session using the included remote control or your Amazon Alexa. The remote control comes with a child-lock option to prevent little hands from turning the candle on without adult supervision.

You can find the LuDela Perfect Pillar on Amazon, where a starter set with a wax candle fixture, two liquid paraffin refills (which burn for approximately 20 hours each), two fragrance rings, and a remote control goes for $99. Subsequent refill capsules cost $10 per two-pack.

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